Bachelor in Paradise’ Preview 2022 USA : A ‘Surprising Twist’ Raises the OG Women’s Spirits

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Not just the men from Bachelor in Paradise are grappling with moral questions. Fans learned that the OG ladies will have five new hot singles to explore a connection with too, as BiP’s guys chat up new women on the beach, at the end of Monday’s shocking episode of the ABC series.

Gen tells the cameras that she’s “not doing” a week without Aaron as the women shout, “F**k you, Jesse Palmer,” into the distance.

Logan, who received a rose from Shanae, catches Sarah’s eye once again on the beach, but he confesses, “I don’t know what the right thing to do here is.”

In other news, Lace and Jill’s situation isn’t looking good as Rodney is seen kissing Eliza and Jill becomes increasingly anxious about Jacob.

Then, when five new guys visit the original women’s resort, everything changes. One of the new guys, Tyler, who recently competed for Rachel Recchia’s affections on The Bachelorette, is eager to kiss both Brittany and Shanae.

After kissing Tyler, Brittany says, “I just forgot about Andrew; it felt so right.” I’ll take my time returning, I said.

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Victoria, on the other hand, will struggle with her relationship with one of the new guys. She says to the cameras, “I just feel like I’m cheating on Johnny.

Jesse wonders aloud, “Who will give into temptation, who will be left heartbroken and alone,” as Genevieve asks, “How much more can I be tested?”

Jill acknowledged that leaving the beach was “really, really hard” when ET spoke with her.

She claimed that when she saw the group of women, she thought, “Oh my god… They’re fresh from the AC, they’re looking really good, and we look like dogs. We’ve been living on the beach for ever.” “We were sad because that place had turned into our home, so it was really difficult to have to leave our guys and have them [with] all this temptation.”

You’ll probably see me struggle a little as I try to process that change, but I think we all handled it very differently, Jill joked. It came as a huge surprise.

Wells Adams, the in-house bartender at Paradise, told ET in a separate interview that the drama is “just getting started.”

The ladies don’t like it when we force all the women to leave, he said. We’re just getting started, but we also do some other things that enrage people, and crazy things also happen.

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