Top 10 Best Thriller Movies On Netflix 2023

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Want a watch that will make you shudder? The best way to pass the time while binge-watching is with thrillers! With their suspenseful plots and enigmatic characters, the best thriller films on Netflix have captured viewers’ attention. We welcome you to the world of suspense, tension, and shocking turns with our list of the top best thriller movies available on Netflix. You’ll be hooked right away by these suspenseful stories.

For movie fans who enjoy action, Netflix has the perfect find. You’ll likely be left breathless by the mysterious mystery’s eerie and tense plot. Any movie you choose to watch from our suggestions will be time well spent. You will have the most fun possible binge-watching these fantastic thriller films, so grab some snacks and turn down the lights!

Top 10 Best Thriller Movies On Netflix To Watch Right Now 2023:

Fortunately, Netflix is currently offering free streaming for all of these films. You don’t have to struggle to catch up right now. You’ll probably be hooked from the opening scene until the end credits of these top thriller films on Netflix! To assist you in creating your own list of films to binge watch, we will give you a compelling plot summary and audience feedback.

Glass Onion- A Knives Out Mystery (2022):

We have the ideal suspenseful murder mystery film for you to watch. The plot of Miles Bron, a technology billionaire, and a murder that takes place on his exclusive Greek island is told in Glass Onion: A Knives Out Mystery.

Miles Bron invites his friends over to his private island for a gathering, but one of them dies. Then, detective Benoit Blanc looks into the case to identify the murderer.

The leading characters were well-received by the audience thanks to Johnson’s screenplay and direction. This film offers the best kind of traditional murder mystery.

As one of the best films of 2022, the film has been nominated for a number of awards. They also mentioned that they continued to make guesses right up until the very end.

Additionally, the movie is set in a remote mansion, which adds to the murder mystery’s intrigue. The remote mansion is full of hidden rooms and clues that add to the enigmatic story. One of the best thriller films on Netflix is Glass Onion: A Knives Out, which has a compelling balance of humour and suspense.

Your attention will also be drawn to how deeply each character’s backstory and murderous motivation are explored in the film. It delivers flawless humour in addition to all the mystery and suspense, making it occasionally lighthearted.

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Bird Box (2018):

You should stream this thriller from Netflix. You’ll become emotionally involved in the plot and the characters’ struggles. You’ll keep wondering if there’s a sequel because it’s so captivating. A mother and her kids are on a survival mission in Bird Box.

The population is wiped out by an unidentified creature or something. You die if you see it! It will cost the survivors their lives, so they must avoid seeing it. If they come face to face with the entity, it will take the form of their worst fears.
Malorie Hayes sets out on a perilous journey with her young children in search of a safe haven for a fresh start. The only place where there is a chance of escaping this entity is said to be the sanctuary.

To escape the thing that is chasing them and get to the only place, they must blindfold themselves. Marie strictly commands her young children not to take off their blindfolds at any point during the trip.

The film’s suspense is heightened by the compelling performances of the lead actors. The film also provides a deeper understanding of how the problem first arose and the difficulties the characters faced.

Additionally, millions of people watched Bird Box online, making it one of the most-watched Netflix original films in its first week of availability. It’s worth watching this post-apocalyptic horror and thriller film!

Nocturnal Animals (2016):

A psychological thriller called Nocturnal Animals tells the tale of an art gallery owner who discovers her ex-husband’s new book, also called Nocturnal Animals.

Susan Morrow discovers a connection between the book and their former marriage when she reads the ex-husband’s manuscript and finds it compelling. The plot is a bloody thriller that tells a revenge story.

Austin Wright’s 1993 book Tony and Susan served as the inspiration for the movie Nocturnal Animals. Jake Gyllenhaal and Amy Adams play the troubled couple in the film.

The audience has given them high marks for their performance. The movie explores intriguing themes like retribution, guilt, and the impact of art while delving into the unsettling circumstances surrounding earlier acts.

The narrative heightens the suspense and psychological complexity. Nocturnal Animals leaves a lasting impression on the audience. In this movie, there is a story within a story. The characters in the film experience more substantial changes, which provides viewers with a more realistic experience.

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I Care A Lot (2021):

I Care A Lot is a thriller comedy movie about a con artist who lives off of stealing and selling elderly people’s homes. Marla Grayson makes money as a false guardian appointed by a court.

When Marla tries to seize and sell the valuable assets of an elderly mother of a dangerous mafia boss, however, things in her life take a bizarre turn.

Numerous awards have been nominated for the film, particularly for Rosamund Pike’s portrayal of Marla.

Pike also received a Golden Globe nomination for her performance in a musical or comedy. The dark humour and unpredictable plot twists have received praise from viewers.

The audience was kept interested by the captivating fusion of thriller and black comedy. This film is a must-see because of the excellent writing, outstanding performances, and gripping narrative.

In contrast to most thriller films, I Care A Lot has an original plot that we get to see. If you enjoy a good comedy but also want to watch something exciting, this might be your best option.

It Follows (2014):

In the suspenseful horror movies It Follows, Jaime ‘Jay’ Height is the focus of a deadly supernatural entity who targets him after having sex.
Like all other teenagers, Jay is a carefree young woman who sleeps with Hugh, her new boyfriend. She has no idea, though, how the rest of her life will turn out. Jay discovers that she is a victim of a fatal curse following several incidents.

At first, Jay’s friends don’t think she’s telling the truth about this type of curse. Later, however, they form a group to defend themselves or run away when the situation turns dangerous.

With the aid of her friends, Jay tries to resolve this issue. You’ll constantly be curious about what will happen next after watching this film.

The pace of It Follows is perfect, making it both terrifying and exciting. Due to its original take on the horror and thriller genres, the film caught audiences’ attention. The movie’s psychological horror and suspense give viewers an unsettling viewing experience.

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Interceptor (2022):

What movie is better than Interceptor if you enjoy seeing women in action? In the film, an army captain faces off against foes who are threatening a far-off missile interceptor station.

She is in charge of the station and must use her tactical knowledge and military training to combat the threat. It is worthwhile to watch the thriller plot and the action-packed scenes.

The intense pressure and difficulties the captain faces as she tries to defend the station and eliminate the threat are highlighted in Interceptor. The excitement is increased by the missile interceptor station’s remote location.

While defending the station from threats, the captain must also deal with personal difficulties. You’ll be hooked by the hand-to-hand combat.

The Weekend Away (2022):

In The Weekend Away, Beth’s best friend goes missing, and she tries to figure out what happened. During their girls’ trip to Croatia, Beth’s best friend mysteriously disappears.

The more disturbing truths come to light as Beth gets closer to the actual process of finding her. The movie’s convoluted plot will keep you guessing.

The abrupt disappearance of Kate paves the way for an exciting and suspenseful story. Beth digs deeper into the mystery while dealing with unforeseen turns.

The mystery and psychological elements in A Weekend Away promise to blend to create a thrilling and suspenseful story that will keep viewers interested until the very end.

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Emily The Criminal (2022):

The plot of Emily The Criminal centers on a college grad who is struggling to find employment due to mounting student loan debt. Due to her stress and financial situation, she falls victim to a risky credit card scam. The protagonist of the scam uses a stolen credit card to make risky purchases while posing as a dummy shopper.

Emily enters the Los Angeles criminal underworld as a result of this scam. Emily The Criminal is a fantastic choice if you’re looking for a gripping thriller or crime film to watch! The journey of Emily is thoroughly examined in the film.

It is a masterpiece because of the compelling storyline and the characters’ powerful performances. Character growth occurs as the plot develops. In addition to being a crime drama, this film explores deeper ideas like atonement, growth, and more.

Gerald’s Game (2017):

In a remote cabin, Gerald’s Game is a psychological movie. Two married couples decide to engage in foreplay to enliven their union. When Gerald unexpectedly passes away from a heart attack, leaving his partner Jessie bound to the bed, things take a bizarre turn.

The next part of the movie focuses on Jessie’s struggles to get herself untied. She struggles on both a physical and emotional level.

The film also looks at Jessie’s earlier trauma and how it affected her present circumstance. The intense and suspenseful plot of this thrilling film is renowned for keeping audiences on the edge of their seats. The remote cabin heightens the tension in the  movie.

You’ll be left wondering if Jessie will ever be free from the cabin and her inner demons after watching this spine-tingling psychological thriller.

Both Gugino’s performance and Flanagan’s direction of the film have received praise. Gerald’s Game is the ideal thriller to watch on Netflix because it is both fantastic and horrifying.

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The Devil All The Time (2020):

The Devil All the Time is beautiful to look at! Star-studded actors from the film include Tom Holland, Robert Pattinson, Bill Skarsgrd, and others.

The group’s performance contributed to the overall depth and intensity of this exhilarating film. The narrative of numerous connected characters is followed in The Devil All the Time.

Arvin [Tom Holland], a young man trying to defend his loved ones in a post-war backwoods town, is sucked into a world of corruption and violence. The film has an excellent pace and tells the intricate stories of many characters, which can be overwhelming for viewers.

It’s amazing how The Devil All the Time works! This compelling film explores the darkest recesses of human nature, making it an engaging watch. Additionally, the character acting is excellent!

Conclusion on Top 10 Best Thriller Movies On Netflix 2023:

Your life will be more exciting after watching these top thriller films on Netflix. If you’re looking for a horror-like show that will allow you to sleep at night, thriller films are the perfect substitute. You’ll find the psychological plot to be very interesting. We sincerely hope you enjoyed our suggestions.

Please share your favourite Netflix thrillers in the comments section. We’re serving it fresh, so stay tuned for more updates!


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