10 Cheapest Countries To Work Remotely 2023

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With remote work becoming more prevalent, the term “digital nomad” has become more well-known in recent years. It describes a worker (typically a freelancer) who moves from one country to another while maintaining a constant connection to their place of employment only through the use of the internet.

Even though work helps the nomads support their travel expenses, it’s a bonus if the places they are visiting are also reasonably priced.

Here are the 10 cheapest countries to work from if you’re thinking about living the digital nomad lifestyle.


According to Justin Albertynas, CEO of RatePunk, a single person can subsist in Lisbon, Portugal, on $1,752 per month. If you’re coming from the US, you will undoubtedly save money because the cost of living there is, on average, 36.2% lower than in the US.

Portugal’s historic structures, precipitous cliffs, and pleasant weather are consistently praised by visitors.

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Japan’s culture and cuisine are incredibly diverse. Speaking of food, according to Numbeo, a three-course meal for two in Japan would only set you back $37.24. Businessman Mike Humphrey suggests working from home for a variety of reasons, including this one.

The reputation of Japan as a safe and secure location is one of the biggest benefits of working remotely there, according to Humphrey. Foreign workers can feel safe and at ease in Japan because of its low crime rate and strong emphasis on civic engagement and social responsibility. Remote workers can live comfortably without having to pay exorbitant costs.


Work on the other side of the border while enjoying the water and delectable food all day. For more than six months, Annie Blay, a travel blogger for Your Friend the Nomad, has operated from Mexico.

In many locales, including beach resorts like La Paz and colonial capitals like San Cristóbal de las Casas, Blay claims that you can easily get by on $1,000 per month.

Mexico is a charming and astonishingly diverse country.

You can log off at the end of the day and hit the waves in a surf town like Puerto Escondido, or you can visit Oaxaca City for lunch and sample all seven varieties of mole. The benefits of working remotely in Mexico, including convenience, cost, and pure enjoyment, are unmatched.

By staying in a town with fewer people, according to Blay, you can cut your costs even further, but you risk giving up a reliable internet connection.

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Many people in Hungary speak English, so there’s always someone to help you if Google Translate doesn’t work, which is good news for expats. Additionally, Albertynas mentioned Budapest’s super-fast internet, which is typically 40 mbps. And with the wide variety of food the nation offers, you can’t go wrong.


Turkey is another location that Albertynas suggests to digital nomads looking for fast internet. Turkey offers thermal pools, stunning hiking trails, and three-course meals for two for less than $30 in addition to a reliable internet connection.

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South Africa:

At PetKeen.com, marketing manager Isabel Ludick said her team has employees all over the world. If you get paid in USD, according to Ludick, South Africa is a great place to live and work.

Ludick declared that South Africa’s cost of living was superior to that of the other nations he had visited. Of course, it helps a lot that I get paid in a currency that is very strong.

She claimed there is plenty to do in the nation.

South Africa is also one of the most stunning and underappreciated tourist destinations, according to Ludick. The nation provides a wide range of entertainment, food, and sporting events.


It should come as no surprise that Thailand is a great place to live and work given that it draws thousands of tourists each year to its stunning beaches, mouthwatering cuisine, and festivals.

Because Chiang Mai has quick internet and only costs $866 per month for a single person to live there, Albertynas suggests moving there.

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In a budget restaurant in Indonesia, a meal won’t set you back more than $2. Fast internet is available in Canggu, according to Albertynas, and a single person’s rent there will only run you $985 per month. You can visit Indonesia’s tropical beaches and volcanoes while you’re there.

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Are you looking for a lovely fusion of cuisine, art, and culture at a reasonable price? Bryan Clayton, the creator of GreenPal, advised visiting Colombia while travelling as a digital nomad.

Miami and other international airports are close by.

Furthermore, according to Numbeo, Colombia has a 65.9% lower average cost of living than the US.

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North Macedonia:

The country of North Macedonia, particularly the city of Skopje, is one of the most affordable places to live and conduct remote work, according to Kristie Sullivan, founder of Executive Remote Worker.

It is 61.1% less expensive than New York, according to Numbeo.

Skopje is a landlocked city, but Sullivan noted that it also has many great advantages, including simple public transport, excellent internet infrastructure, and reliable cellular connectivity.

Sullivan lists the Stone Bridge, Matka Canyon, Vrelo Cave, and Mavrovo National Park among the many attractions in Skopje. Additionally, there are numerous opportunities for downhill skiing and wine tasting.

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