A Comprehensive Review of Chicago PD Season 10 Episode 16 (2023)

Jesse Lee Soffer’s return to the series was highly-anticipated, but with a twist. He made his directorial debut on Chicago PD Season 10 Episode 16. The episode had a strong focus on Voight, and it captured the vintage CPD tone, leaving Voight questioning the man he has become after Chapman’s observations. He has shown a fondness for her and has made assurances to support her career. His relationship with her, much like his other female colleagues, is almost paternal.

Fans eagerly awaited Jesse Lee Soffer’s return to the series, but with it came a double-edged sword. He cares deeply about the people he intends to protect, but the weight of that responsibility can strain or tarnish his relationships with them.

Voight recognized the importance of the Morales case for Chapman, especially considering the tragic death of Vilar that she carried with her. This case was personal for Chapman and had the potential to make or break her career.

The case was set up perfectly and seemed like an open-and-shut scenario. Voight’s testimony was powerful, and Chapman appealed to the jury’s emotions, ensuring they understood the severity of Morales’ crimes.

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However, Christopher’s dilemma was evident. He had to listen to how evil Morales was and know that he was guilty beyond a doubt. Still, he was also a victim of Morales’ manipulations. Christopher wanted Morales to face the punishment he deserved, but he was afraid of the repercussions because Morales had kidnapped his wife.

Voight’s ability to read Christopher’s situation was impressive and spoke to his years of experience. He was always thinking ahead, strategizing to achieve the best outcome for the case.

In the end, Voight’s foresight was crucial, and the case ended the way it was intended.

The fear of jury tampering and the possibility of harm coming to Julia hung heavy over the case. If the tampering was discovered, the entire case would be in jeopardy, and they would have to start from scratch. There was also the risk that Morales’ men would harm Julia if they discovered what was going on.

However, the repetitive nature of the situation was concerning. Within minutes, we were back to Voight, persuading Hailey to join him in his off-the-books tactics. While the case was full of action and drama, the constant reliance on the same old tricks left us feeling a bit tired.

Hailey was hesitant about following Voight’s lead and keeping everything unofficial, but Voight was adamant about doing what was necessary. As a result, the lines of legality were blurred, and they had to deceive and omit information for the sake of the case.

Despite the familiarity of the situation, the episode was still engaging and full of tension. However, we hope that the next case won’t rely on the same old formula.

This time around, Voight had no choice but to involve the whole team, including Trudy, due to the tight deadline to find Julia and reassure Christopher before he cast his vote on Morales’ fate. The team’s participation in what felt like an almost-impossible mission saved the case from relying solely on the weaker points of having Voight and Hailey working independently and excluding the team.

Although Ruzek was mostly absent, he was setting up a safe house for their covert operations, and Trudy remained underutilized throughout the installment.

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Let’s discuss how Jesse Lee Soffer’s return impacted the latest episode of Chicago PD. The storyline showcased Voight’s unwavering loyalty to his team, even if it means bending the rules. However, this time, the entire team was involved, which made the episode even more compelling.

As for Soffer’s directorial debut, it was impressive to see how well he understood Voight’s character. The hour was a perfect showcase of Voight being his authentic self. Do you agree? As a fan of the show, did you enjoy the episode and the focus on Voight? Do you think there will be consequences for Voight’s actions, or will Chapman’s concerns be brushed aside?

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