Interesting Facts About Hollywood Celebs

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Due to her curvy figure, Christina Hendricks was rejected for many roles.

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Christina Hendricks was aware that she would pursue a career in entertainment as she grew up.

However, nothing could have prepared her for the callous rejection she encountered when applying for her first acting jobs in Hollywood.

In an X-rated album, Ariana Grande discusses her sex life.

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On her latest album, “Positions,” Ariana Grande contains explicit details about her relationship with boyfriend Dalton Gomez.

After being introduced by common friends, the 27-year-old pop star and the real estate agent Gomez have been dating since the beginning of the year.

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In her first role, Debra Messing was duped into filming nud* scenes.

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Debra Messing has come forward to accuse people of harassing her sexually in her first Hollywood movie.

At a roundtable discussion hosted by The Hollywood Reporter, Messing related a string of unsettling incidents that happened while A Walk in the Clouds was being filmed in 1995.

“I didn’t realise I had been s-xually harassed until we started having these conversations,” the 49-year-old Will & Grace actress said.

Selena Gomez trashes hotel rooms and leaves her undies all over the place.

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Popular singer Selena Gomez may have a penchant for leaving dirty pants and trash in hotel rooms while on tour, according to a recent Star report.

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According to reports, the singer’s unclean habits were detailed by an unnamed assistant, who called them “really gross.”

Because of her hair, people assumed that Emma Watson was a lesbian.

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While filming the ‘Harry Potter’ films, Watson was forced to keep her hair long for ten years, but she was eager to switch it up when the series was over.

She made the decision to chop her hair into a pixie cut, a la model Twiggy.

The results surprised us.

Gwyneth Paltrow confesses to Hailey Bieber that she had sex with her father.

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Recent episodes of Hailey Bieber’s podcast “Who’s In My Bathroom” featured Gwyneth Paltrow awkwardly making jokes about having sex with Hailey’s father, actor Stephen Baldwin.

When Paltrow brought up that she and Baldwin had previously worked together on a film, Bieber claimed she was unaware of this.

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