The joyful laughter of a woman can often help solve many problems easily

Suffering can cause you to progressively become unhappy. It all depends on how you choose to pursue happiness. While some people find happiness simply by being surrounded by good friends, others have different methods for doing the same.

“The joyful laughter of a woman can often help solve many problems easily.”

It is crucial to alleviate our suffering first; only then can you determine your definition of happiness. You will eventually be able to make those around you happy once you are happy. Some of us experience joy simply from seeing our friends.

Similar to this, some people are simply happy to see their family members’ happy faces.

Understanding what makes them happy and how they can affect you is crucial.

I observe that many people in my immediate vicinity are joyful simply because their loved ones and friends are.

One of my biggest cures is when I observe my family members being happy about something because it makes me feel happy too.

Similar to this, when I experience internal suffering or worry, I typically find comfort in spending time with my friends.

They are the people I can rely on, and I enjoy talking with them about things.

A good laugh will therefore always be my go-to medicine for me.

By spending some quality time with them, I can laugh out loud.

Additionally, pleasant weather will undoubtedly affect one’s mood. One of the key elements in determining our happiness is our environment and surroundings.

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Our busy and repetitive schedules frequently give us the agitated feeling.

Beautiful weather, however, can be a welcome distraction at that time.

It can alter our mood, making it one of the most effective treatments as well.


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