Female Fitness Model Ajla Del Ponte

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Female Fitness Model Ajla Del Ponte 


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Ajla Del Ponte is a Swiss sprinter, fitness model, and fitness inspiration for women. At the 2016 Summer Olympics and the 2017 World Championships in London, she competed in the women’s 4 100 metre relay. 

She won the women’s 60 metres at the 2021 European Athletics Indoor Championships in a world-leading time of 7.03 seconds, equaling the Swiss record. 

In the heats of the 2020 Summer Olympics, she set a new national record for the 100 metres, running 10.91 seconds. She shaved a hundredth of a second off her record on August 14, achieving a time of 10.90 at the 2021 Resisprint International.

As a professional athlete, you learn the meaning of discipline and sacrifice. It’s not always easy, but when she looks back on her accomplishments, she realises it’s all worthwhile. 

Ajla Del Ponte Before Fitness :

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From a 13-year-old who began track and field for fun, to the struggles of a girl who couldn’t see her family and friends as much, to a young woman who knows where she wants to go. Sport shaped her into the person she is today, and she is grateful.

She grew up in Bignasco, a small village in the Swiss mountains. She played outside every day and began her sporting career with figure skating, followed by volleyball and unihockey. 

She got into track and field by chance after a school competition when she was 13 years old. Her mother noticed she was quite good at it and encouraged her to try. 

She became obsessed with sports. From there, the path to professionalism was gradual. She wasn’t the big star that everyone was looking for; she was just doing her thing as a junior and having a good time.

When she had to choose which university she wanted to enrol at in 2016, she considered her options. She travelled to Lausanne since Laurent Meuwly, her coach, was stationed there.

And she followed him in 2019 when he moved to take a job in the Netherlands. She had to make some sacrifices for this, but she felt he was the one who could help her succeed. And her first significant individual successes occurred in 2020 and 2021.

She has had an incredibly successful year in 2021. Her triumph in Torun served as the catalyst for it. She knew she had a chance to win medals when she arrived in Poland, but she wanted the gleaming golden one.

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People were expecting things from her, and she was presented for the first time with this new position where you are under a new kind of strain. 

Her life has been significantly impacted by winning the race, setting a national record, and taking the lead in the world over the given distance. After Toru, she discovered a brand-new source of inspiration for the summer and the Olympics.

Consistency is extremely difficult to come by. The 100m is a very technical race, and one mistake could mean the end of your race. It’s simply too short to allow for errors. Keeping this in mind, as athletes, we must be prepared when we step onto the field: being healthy in both body and mind is critical for a successful career.

 What inspired her in the women’s sprint this year was the overall performance level. We’ve seen some very fast races, which is providing extra motivation for everyone to do better and be faster.

Fitness Motivation By Ajla Del Ponte :

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She finds their weightlifting to be really enjoyable. They have a particular winter strength-training routine that is excellent for the glutes and hamstrings (sprinters need to have strong ones). Single leg squats are included in this circuit. 

All you need is a bench, and all you do is go sit down gently before standing back up again while holding a weight close to your chest (I often use a dumbbell that weighs at least 10 kg).

 Combine it with other exercises and perform three to five sets of 15 repetitions for each leg. She warns that you might initially despise her, but it will be worthwhile.

We’ve learned a lot about the importance of health in the last year and a half. We need to move our bodies in addition to eating a balanced diet. A strong body is a happy body, and she strongly encourages everyone to get outside and go for a hike or a run. 

Gyms are also excellent. Also, the hormones released after physical exertion, such as dopamine and serotonin, make us happy: a happy body is a healthier body.

Women fitness,Women fitness model Ajla Del Pontephoto picture,INSTAGRAM FITNESS MODEL,Female Fitness Model Ajla Del Ponte,FEMALE FITNESS MODEL,

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She gets bored easily with abs, so she loves it when they do it with their training group and each of them chooses an exercise. If she is alone, she enjoys adding a challenge. Swiss balls, weights, and bands are all welcome. 

She looks at Pamela Reif’s YouTube videos or what other athletes do on Instagram, and then she incorporates some of their ideas into her own.

She tries to provide her body with all of the nutrients it requires for the lifestyle she leads. The quality of the products she purchases is very important to her, and she tries to eat locally as much as possible for environmental reasons.

 Aside from that, she doesn’t follow any particular diet and tries to keep her menu options as diverse as possible.

Beauty Tips By Ajla Del Ponte :

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She prefers natural and environmentally friendly products, which is why she frequents Lush. She noticed that hydration and moisture are important for both her hair and skin, especially since she is frequently outside, in the sun, and sweating at practise (always use sunscreen!). 

She discovered that sea water is very good for her hair, so she uses a shampoo with sea salt in it, and she is a big fan of creams containing aloe vera in her skincare routine.

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