Female Fitness Model Alissa Parker

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Female Fitness Model Alissa Parker


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Alissa Parker is a wife, mother of two daughters, IFBB figure pro, author, and ISSA certified sports nutrition specialist. In 2011, she was ranked in the top ten nationally in both figure and bikini. She enjoys both categories, but figure is her favourite.

 She specialises in all aspects of sports nutrition, including contest prep, weight loss and muscle building plans, and figure and bikini posing coaching. She can help you achieve your goals whether you are preparing for a contest or a photo shoot, or simply want to get in shape.

Alissa Parker Before Fitness And Modelling :

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Her entire life, she has worked out on and off. Her mother taught aerobics, so she attended her classes as a child. She began lifting weights in high school. She did have periods when she didn’t exercise at all, and she was naturally thin when she was younger.

She had her first child when she was 25, and she thought she could eat whatever she wanted because that was pretty much what she did before. That was not the case at all! She gained 60-70 pounds and was extremely overweight after having the baby.

It took her a year just dieting to lose that much weight. She didn’t start a workout routine until her daughter was about nine months old, when she finally went to the gym and signed her daughter up for the gym’s daycare. 

It was amazing! She had no idea what she was missing, two hours to herself, and the daycare was so cheap. She was smitten! She gradually improved her fitness and began competing in figure by the time her first daughter was a year and a half old in 2007.

Her desire to compete began more than a decade ago, when she gave birth to her first child. She gained a lot of weight during her pregnancy, far more than she should have.

 She used it as an excuse to eat whatever she wanted (including a lot of chocolate) and to not exercise. It’s never been an easy road for her. From a young age, she struggled with body image and binge eating. So, right after having her daughter, she lost all of her weight by not eating.

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She’s never really spoken about it in public. She decided she wanted to look like the girls in the magazines after her husband brought home a fitness magazine. She returned to the gym, began lifting, and quickly met her fitness goals. She began eating more healthfully, and working out became a new passion for her.

 People at the gym then encouraged her to compete, which she did! It wasn’t all that popular back then. Bikini wasn’t around yet, and she was the first in her gym to do it, and she quickly enlisted the help of all her friends. It took her many years and many shows to get to where she is now.

Her drive is to assist other women. Fit Starts in the Kitchen began as a cook book, but she felt compelled to share her true story and the approach that helped her get through it. She has struggled with body image since she was three years old, as she previously stated. 

She recalls being in preschool and feeling fat. She later battled anorexia when she was in her teens and again in her early twenties. It’s a problem that far more women face than most people realise. Even as a competitor, she went through periods of extreme dieting followed by binge eating.

Even though she appeared to be in good health, it was clear that she was unhealthy. For years, she has followed a flexible diet that has provided her with the necessary balance. She is more concerned with her workouts and strength than with her appearance. 

She still doesn’t always believe what she sees in the mirror, but she recognises that this is and will continue to be a struggle for her. She simply wishes to be able to communicate with other women. 

They’re all in it together. Fitness models are not always the picture of perfection they appear to be. She wants people to learn how to eat healthily.

There are numerous myths out there. You must be able to find and stick to something that makes you happy. She hopes to publish her book this year. She has a lot of great recipes.

Workouts And Fitness Tips By Alissa Parker :

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When it comes to workouts, she doesn’t try to reinvent the wheel. She keeps things simple. She focuses on the main lifts (squats, dead lifts, and shoulder presses) and then adds accessory work to target the other body parts while keeping it simple. 

She works out each body part twice a week. She sticks to heavy weights for the first workout (something she can lift for 3-5 reps) She remains in the hypertrophy range the second time she lifts for that body part (12-15 reps) Whatever you decide to do, make it something you enjoy. The most crucial aspect is consistency.

Diet And Nutrition By Alissa Parker :

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She follows a flexible diet, changing her macros based on her goals. Eating flexibly allows her to eat a wider variety of foods, which is better for her nutrition. She eats as much as she can, including carbohydrates and fats. 

Many dieters adhere to a strict meal plan that excludes whole food groups such as fruit, for example. Eating the same foods every day can result in significant gaps in your daily requirements for certain vitamins and minerals. 

In terms of supplements, she takes a multivitamin, fish oil, a pre-workout, and protein powders, which are great for sweet cravings.

Beauty Tips By Alissa Parker :

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She tries to avoid the sun, despite the fact that she was not always so wise. She is constantly applying spray tans to maintain her bronzed appearance. 

It simply makes her happy. She also enjoys sweating on a daily basis; she feels so much better after a good workout, and her skin feels fresher, of course after a shower. 

She does not wash or style her hair on a daily basis. She keeps it in reserve for when she really needs it. Furthermore, it is time-consuming and tedious to blow dry, so she only does it when absolutely necessary. 

Her hairdresser also advised her to wait until her hair was completely dry before flat ironing or curling it because it burns the hair.

Motivation By Alissa Parker :

Women fitness,Women fitness model Alissa Parker picture,INSTAGRAM FITNESS MODEL,Female Fitness Model Alissa Parker,FEMALE FITNESS MODEL,IFBB FIGURE PRO,

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It was an incredible honour for her to be a part of the “Bodies of Work” issue. It was a little frightening because it was the first issue, and she had no idea what to expect. 

She did, however, know that bodybuilding consistently produces high-quality content, and the photographers were extremely professional. 

Once on set, the professionalism made her feel so at ease. There were actually three photographers and a handful of executives involved in the shoot.

It was kind of funny because she forgot she was naked after a while. If you want to get into fitness modelling or any other type of modelling, her best advice is to do your research on the photographers you will be working with. 

Always make sure that each image you put out there is consistent with the brand you want to build for yourself. If you have unsavoury images, you will not get work from reputable companies, photographers, or magazines. 

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When you first start out, you will most likely have to pay to get good photos. It is not cheap to hire a good photographer, but it is an essential investment in your future career.

Compete because you love the experience! It may not happen overnight, but if you persevere, you can achieve your objectives. 

She took longer than most to get where she wanted to go, and she is constantly striving for the next goal. Maintain focus, consistency, and, most importantly, have fun!

That was one of the most exciting and joyful times of her life. She competed in Jr. Nationals in Chicago a month before Team Universe.

 She finished second at that show, one place short of earning her pro card. She knew Team Universe was her opportunity, and she didn’t want to blow it. She had never worked so hard in her life, and it was the most difficult training she had ever had in between shows.

She had never been more nervous before a show because there was so much pressure to win. Winning, on the other hand, was one of the highlights of her life. 

She finally accomplished something she didn’t think she’d be able to do. She was on a high. A few months later, she competed in her first professional show. She was overjoyed to be up there on stage with the women she had long admired.

She does provide online nutrition and training programmes, as well as posing lessons and critiques. Her monthly package includes an individual nutritional programme. 

She does not provide meal plans, but she does provide macronutrient targets and guidance, as well as cardio and training plans. The first month includes a posing lesson, and she is ALWAYS available via email. 

Because everything is custom, she does not take on more clients than she can handle. There are no two clients alike. She creates a programme that is simple to implement and fits into their schedule. She also makes herself available, which is something that many coaches do not.

Her posing critique is a new service she offers. It’s a cheap way for her to check out your posing. Send in a video or photos, and she’ll tell you what you need to fix. 

It can be very beneficial to work out the kinks before going on stage. Typically, it is only a minor change that can set you apart from the crowd and showcase a winning physique.

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