Female Fitness Model Amber Dawn Orton

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Female Fitness Model Amber Dawn Orton  


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Amber Dawn Orton is a NASM Certified Fitness Trainer and Fitness Model with a Fitness Nutrition Specialization (FNS). She is the full-time online personal trainer, nutrition/prep coach, posing instructor, competitor, endorsed athlete, NPC judge, and fitness model at ADOFitness.

She has a diverse resume as a fitness model, including being the 2015 promotional model for GNC brands. She appeared in the fitness layout of Oxygen Magazine in 2014 and 2016. She finished third or higher in three different NPC events.She is well-known for her hot body and adorable smile.

In the process, the Emerald served as a stepping stone. She went on to finish second at nationals following the Emerald Cup, but she changed her focus to fitness modelling instead of competing because it was a healthier outlet for her.

She realised she was passionate about health and fitness during the process, but she didn’t feel healthy at all while competing. She made the decision to shift her focus and find a better way to maintain a lean body she was proud of in the healthiest way possible. 

That is how she founded her brand, Team ADOFitness, and the philosophy they have followed since day one. They have grown ADOFitness into a national business with over 500 clients between herself and her four other trainers and couldn’t be happier to be able to help others achieve their fitness goals in a sustainable and healthy way.

Amber Dawn Orton Before Fitness And Modelling :

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Prior to competing, she was persuaded to give it a shot by her brother, Aaron Orton, who is now a natural pro bodybuilder. He saw potential in her and persuaded her to compete. That decision changed her life forever, and in 2012 she decided to focus solely on fitness as a career rather than working in her corporate finance job, which she had always thought was the job she wanted.

 She realised she didn’t feel fulfilled working in an office and desired to do something other than sit in front of a computer all day. She craved social interaction and the opportunity to help others on a larger scale, which drove her decision to pursue fitness full-time.

Fitness Tips By Amber Dawn Orton :

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Almost all of her lifts revolve around 3-4 sets of 6-10 different exercises at 12-15 reps each. Typically, she will include at least three HIIT sessions and two or three longer duration (40-60 minute) LISS sessions in this split.

 Her cardio will vary depending on whether she is preparing for an event, photoshoot, or show. She has only recently begun to incorporate more yoga into her schedule.

She follows a more flexible dieting/IIFYM approach, so her nutrition never stays the same, but here’s a basic breakdown of what some days might look like before becoming pregnant. 

She tries to eat a lot of micronutrient-dense foods, even though her intake is flexible and she changes it up all the time based on how she feels. She uses the IconMeals meal prep service because it is a great, affordable, and efficient way to have meals prepared and delivered fresh each week.

Beauty Tips By Amber Dawn Orton :

Women fitness,INSTAGRAM FITNESS MODEL,Women fitness model Amber Dawn Orton picture,FEMALE FITNESS MODEL,Female Fitness Model Amber Dawn Orton,

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She drinks plenty of water every day, which helps. She aims for a gallon of milk per day. She also takes NutraSumma fish oil, probiotics, digestive enzymes, Vitamin C, Woman’s multivitamin, and collagen supplements. Aside from that, she doesn’t do much other than eat micronutrient-dense foods and exercise.

Success, in her opinion, is unavoidable if you truly believe in yourself, are a good person, and work hard. When it comes to your personal goals, never give up and don’t let anyone tell you otherwise. She had many people try to discourage her along the way, and she doubted that she would ever be in the position she is now.

 Fortunately, she was surrounded by people who believed in her and has a wonderful support system at home with her husband. You can’t go wrong if you surround yourself with people who inspire and motivate you to be your best.

Motivation By Amber Dawn Orton :

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She believes that good things occur to good people. And, yes, she believes in the law of attraction and that when you put out positive energy, you will receive positive energy in return. 

She understands that in everything she does, she believes wholeheartedly in what she is doing, which motivates her to be the best at what she does in every way.

Her brand has grown into a very successful business, which she is extremely grateful to have created. They now have a total of five trainers, including herself. All of the trainers began as clients of hers and are familiar with her vision and business model. 

They all prioritise health in everything they do for each client. They have over 500 clients and offer a variety of packages. Many people believe they only work with competitors, but this is not the case. They have more “everyday” clients who simply want to be healthier, lose weight, or repair their metabolisms than actual competitors.

The motivation comes naturally because it is what she truly enjoys doing. She doesn’t see herself doing anything else as a career, and most days she doesn’t even feel like she’s working because she enjoys her job and helping others. 

It motivates her to see her clients’ progress and to see all of the online posts about how great our clients feel, knowing they are truly making a difference in the health and fitness industry.

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