Female Fitness Model Anllela Sagra

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Female Fitness Model Anllela Sagra 


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Anllela Sagra is a well-known Colombian fitness model.She rose to prominence in the 2010s after winning several figure competitions.

Anllela began working out with the goal of advancing her career as a fashion model. She fell in love with lifting almost instantly and began training on a regular basis, loving the results she saw.

After a year of intense training, she decided to compete in her first competition in 2013, where she finished third. Anllela has amassed a slew of social media followers since then, inspiring many to achieve their ideal physiques.

Anllela Sagra Before Fitness And Modelling :


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Anllela Sagra began her career in fashion design as well as modelling. During this time, she remembered being “extremely thin because a muscular body is not something desired in the modelling world.”

However, while working out at the gym one day, Anllela met a personal trainer who, in her words, “met a trainer who would forever change my life, his knowledge and mentoring catalysed the life style that I now live.”

During this early period, Anllela stated that she wanted to learn more about the human body and how it adapted to new training styles. “My body was starting to respond to the training,” Anellela explained.

While Anllela developed a passion for working out, specifically weight training, she gradually transitioned away from her modelling career due to the ‘extra muscle’ she’d developed.

Anllela continued on her fitness journey, not paying attention to what others were saying around her. She decided to compete in her first fitness bikini competition after gaining confidence in the gym.

Anllela discusses her first competition appearance: “After a year and a half of discipline and dedication, I enrolled in a fitness competition and placed third.” I was astounded by the results, and even more so by the comments from big names and judges, given that I had only been in this world for a short time.”

Anllela found herself in a difficult situation after successfully completing her first bodybuilding competition; she had to decide whether she wanted to pursue a modelling career or pursue fitness full-time.

“It was during this time where I was torn between what I wanted in life,” Anllela explained. Do I want to be a model like everyone else in Colombia, or do I want to be Colombia’s first fitness model? Was it worth it to leave everything I had worked for behind and face criticism? Is it all worth it to pursue my passion?”

After much deliberation, Anllela decided to abandon her first career choice and pursue fitness modelling full-time. “I decided to take it and risk everything,” Anllela said.

Needless to say, Anllela made the correct choice. She now has an army of online followers that grows year after year. What began as a humble beginning became her career and passion.

Fitness Tips By Anllela Sagra :

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Anllela prefers to work out her lower body, specifically her glutes.

Anllela’s main tools for building her athletic physique are a variety of ‘classic’ movements such as the dead lift, squat, weighted kickbacks, and hip thrusts.

Anllela prefers to use lighter weights in conjunction with her own body weight for her upper body. Pull-ups, push-ups, bicep curls, and the shoulder press are among the exercises she’ll perform.

Anllela is known for having a strong and toned core in addition to her lower and upper body. She works out her midsection with exercises like hanging leg raises and crunches.

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Anllela prefers to train with 3 sets of 8 reps and heavy weights. She incorporates drop sets into her workouts if she feels the need to increase her tempo in the gym.

In terms of cardio, she uses HIIT, with the goal of burning 300 calories in 15-20 minutes.

Anllela, unlike other bodybuilders and bikini athletes, does not take days off from the gym. She works out with weights five days a week and cardio on weekends, working out on the cross-trainer for 40 minutes per session.

Diet And Nutrition By Anllela Sagra :


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Anllela maintains her amazing physique by adhering to a strict diet. She bases her diet on lean protein, vegetables, fruits, nuts, and complex carbohydrates.

She eats 5 meals per day to maintain her metabolism and promote muscle growth.

Anllela tries to eat every 2 hours to feed her body and maintain a high metabolism. She follows her diet all year, especially when she’s preparing for a competition. She will, however, allow herself a cheat meal on weekends to keep her satisfied and to replace any nutrients lost through her rigorous exercise programmes.

Fitness Motivation By Anllela Sagra :

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Anllela teaches us that hard work and dedication pay off, even when those around you don’t believe in you. Throughout it all, she stayed true to her goals and kept moving forward.

This kind of tenacity and determination helped Anllela become a household name in Brazil and around the world.

If you ever find yourself in a situation where you have to choose between your passion and what others tell you to do, Anllela’s story may help you make that difficult decision.

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