Female Fitness Model Aysia Chanelle

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Female Fitness Model Aysia Chanelle 


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Aysia Chanelle is a very talented actress, dancer, fitness model, and fashion model. She is under the management of PRIM Management, a full-service modelling, mother, and development organisation based in Oklahoma City.

Her twin brother Chance was the subject of her very first photo session. Ironically, Chance was learning how to use a camera lens at the same time that she really discovered her interest for modelling in her senior year of high school. 

So they set up a temporary backdrop, and she dressed up in her most expensive clothes and makeup. Her enthusiasm for modelling started there because she was thrilled and moved by the photographs they produced.

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She enjoys getting her days started early! Her morning routine almost always includes a cup of tea. It doesn’t matter what kind, but she usually starts her day with a hot cup of green tea. She is ready for her favourite part of the day, yoga, after her tea. 

With her hectic schedule, she has discovered that it is critical to take a moment to stretch and energise her body before the day gets away from her. 

A typical day in her life can take many forms. She can be in her orange shorts as a Hooters Girl one day and travelling back and forth for auditions or shooting for hours and hours the next.

Fitness Motivation By Aysia Chanelle :

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Let her inform you that her fitness regimen is not set in stone! She genuinely enjoys listening to what her body need on any given day. If she said that she hadn’t opted to forgo leg day in favour of a brief yoga practise, she would be lying. 

However, she often aims to complete two weight training sessions and two aerobic workouts per week. To give her body and muscles time to recover, she likes to integrate three rest days per week.

However, she is almost always found on her yoga mat. Whether it’s a quick 5 minute stretch or an hour long vinyasa flow, her yoga practise has played an important role in both her physical and mental well-being, and she’s been doing it for 6 years. 

She also enjoys running. Running is one of her favourite ways to clear her mind or really think about something.

As a swimsuit pageant competitor, she knows how difficult it is to achieve flat abs! But it’s totally doable if you start with a healthy diet! 

However, her top five ab workouts are Russian twists, bicycle crunches, leg extensions, scissor kicks, and her personal favorite…planks!

Diet And Nutrition By Aysia Chanelle :

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Her diet is not strict in any way because she enjoys eating healthy foods and it comes naturally to her. In fact, she enjoys a wide variety of foods; she simply maintains a healthy balance to keep her body well-nourished while occasionally indulging. 

When it comes to her daily diet, she follows the rule of eating one colourful meal per day.

When pageant season arrives, her diet becomes a little more difficult. She has this infused water that she enjoys making and has been drinking every morning for years. It’s made up of two sliced lemons, one sliced cucumber, and a few mint leaves.

She adds them to a pitcher of water and leaves it overnight to infuse all the goodness. It helps her metabolism and keeps her skin clear and healthy, according to her.

Tea of any variety is also one of her pageant preparation favourites! Yogi Tea is her preferred brand! When preparing for a swimsuit pageant, she prefers to eat foods that are lean and green. 

She enjoys making eggs with a large handful of spinach for breakfast. Lunch is usually a large leafy green salad with some sort of protein. And, because her workout routine is so intense during pageant season, she makes a point of refuelling with a milkshake for dinner.

Beauty Tips By Aysia Chanelle :

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She has recently begun applying jojoba oil to her hair and leaving it in overnight. She discovered that it restores her hair’s shine and lustre after a week of heat and styling. 

Once a week, she also applies a hair mask. She can use any Shea Moisture mask! They smell amazing and leave your hair feeling so clean. When it comes to skin care, she usually opts for natural options. 

In the evening, she begins by removing the day’s makeup with Burt’s Bees makeup wipes. Then she uses Burt’s Bees Acne Solutions cleanser twice.

Once to loosen and wash away all of the day’s dirt and oil, and once more to thoroughly cleanse. When she cleanses a second time, she always uses an exfoliating cotton round to get an exfoliating clean.

 If she has a shoot the next day, she’ll use Burt’s Bees Acne Scrub as a follow-up. Finally, she always rinses her face with cold water, uses witch hazel toner, and finishes with Burt’s Bees firming moisturiser!

Favorite Destination Of Aysia Chanelle :

Women fitness,INSTAGRAM FITNESS MODEL,Female Fitness Model Aysia Chanelle,Women fitness model Aysia Chanelle photo picture,FEMALE FITNESS MODEL,

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Her birthplace, San Francisco, California, comes to mind first. She was born in Tulsa, Oklahoma, but she has many fond memories of visiting her family in San Francisco. The crisp, cool weather with a sea breeze scent. 

She longs for it every day. Second, there’s Lake Tahoe in California. What else can she say? She was literally born to be on the west coast! 

She competed in a swimsuit pageant in Lake Tahoe and recalls doing a photo shoot on the beach with snow-capped mountains in the background. It’s a truly stunning location. She would then have to say Mexico.

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