Female Fitness Model Etila Santiago

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Female Fitness Model Etila Santiago  


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Etila Santiago is a bikini fitness model athlete who competes in the height category of up to 1.72 m. She began competing in late 2015 and made it onto the IFBB Pro Circuit in just one year.

Etila, on the other hand, didn’t always have a fitness athlete’s body; during her early modelling days, she weighed 49 kg and was unhappy with how skinny she was.

Etila Santiago says she’s always been an active person, thanks to her parents, who encouraged her to participate in soccer, skiing, jiujitsu, and other sports when she was young.

Etila Santiago was in great shape as a child due to her athletic background. In fact, she claims to have had abs at the age of eight and was fitter than most of her peers.

Etila Santiago Before Fitness And Modelling :


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Growing up, Etila Santiago was always interested in modelling. She had already appeared in Brazilian modelling TV shows by the age of 15.

She weighed 49 kg at the time and was extremely thin. This irritated Etila, who desired to become more toned and aesthetic but didn’t know how.

Etila didn’t realise fitness was the solution to her problems until she saw bikini models on TV. She went on to join a gym and train there without hesitation in order to sculpt the body she desired.

Etila’s body improved in a matter of months, as did her fitness goals.

Etila had never considered a career in fitness before. She wanted to compete solely to prove to herself that she could do it.

However, little did she know that it only took Etila one competition to fall in love with competitions. In fact, she continued to compete on a regular basis after that.

Etila went on to place highly in a number of shows over the years. These included a fourth-place finish at the Arnold Classic Brazil and a first-place finish at the Amateur Olympia South America. Etila won her IFBB Pro Card after winning the Amateur Olympia.

She is now making inroads into the pro circuit and living her dream lifestyle as a fitness model and bikini competitor.

Fitness Tips By Etila Santiago :

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Etila didn’t have much training experience at first, but that changed after months of trial and error.

She is now an expert in her field, able to manipulate her body’s appearance through intense weightlifting sessions and cardio routines.

Etila’s favourite parts of her body are her shoulders and glutes. She works out these muscle groups twice a week. She doesn’t work on her quads because they are already overdeveloped in comparison to the rest of her body.

Etila visits the gym 6-7 times per week – twice per day – when she is training for a competition, doing cardio in the morning and lifting weights in the evening.

Etila, on the other hand, is a firm believer in listening to her body, so her training may vary from week to week. If she feels she can do more, she will, but if she is extremely sore, she will take an active rest day by stretching or going for long walks.

Etila practises yoga for additional recovery. She’s discovered that yoga reduces her cortisol levels, which is essential for keeping her stress and body fat levels low before a show.

Diet And Nutrition By Etila Santiago :

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Etila uses a variety of dieting methods, including carb cycling, to stay in top shape for competitions.

She also knows when to let up on the gas, rewarding herself for her hard work with something less strict and more enjoyable.

Etila adheres to the same diet protocols as any other fitness competitor, with ‘off-season’ and ‘in-season’ phases.

To stay lean and preserve muscle, she eats foods high in protein and low in overall calories when preparing for a competition.

When she doesn’t have a show coming up, she’ll eat more in order to sculpt and shape her muscles the way she wants.

Fitness Motivation By Etila Santiago :


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Etila’s success motivates many of her followers to go out there and achieve their dreams.

Etila had no prior experience with the fitness lifestyle when she began training. But, with grit and determination, she gradually improved, one day at a time. She used each adversity as fuel to grow into the person she is today.

Etila has demonstrated that it is not only about getting lean abs and a nice body, but also about the person you become during the transformation.

This is a mindset that we can all strive for in our own lives. You will be on your own path to greatness if you remain ‘hungry’ for success and strive for perfection in everything you do.

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