Female Fitness Model Lisa Lanceford

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Female Fitness Model Lisa Lanceford 


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Lisa Lanceford is a well-known fitness model and online trainer from the United Kingdom. Lisa’s motivational photos and videos have earned her massive success in the fitness industry – she’s become a social media icon since launching her online profiles.

Lisa’s life, however, was not always oriented toward fitness. Her primary focus as a child was on academics and excelling in school.

She did not begin weight training until 2015 in order to improve her slim figure. Lisa’s body began to change within months, and she caught the lifting bug. She’s since gone on to become a fitness star who takes her fans on an incredible journey.

 Lisa Lanceford Before Fitness :


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Lisa Lanceford began working out in 2015. Lisa, who weighed around 50kg at the time, decided to tone her body by lifting weights. It only took her a few months to catch the lifting bug.

Lisa became interested in learning more about training and nutrition after noticing her progress and wanting to improve her results even more.

Lisa gained about 10kg of lean muscle on her frame by 2018, weighing 62kg. She was astounded by how much she’d improved after looking at her before-and-after photos.

Lisa has been inspired to share her story with others online as she has gone through her transformation. She wanted to show everyone the advantages of working out and eating healthy foods. Lisa’s fan base grew faster than she expected, propelling her to the status of renowned coach and fitness icon.

Lisa Lanceford frequently films snippets of her workouts and posts them online for everyone to see. She employs a variety of training methods, ranging from drop sets to forced reps. These techniques enable her to keep her workouts intense while remaining time-efficient.

Fitness Tips By Lisa Lanceford :

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Lisa doesn’t lift heavy weights and instead concentrates on the movement and feeling the muscle contract. She may, however, include a heavier exercise here and there to shock her body and keep it growing.

Lisa Lanceford weight trains five times per week. She does not, however, train five days in a row, instead skipping every third day.

Lisa Lanceford’s favourite workouts include legs and abs, despite the fact that she pays equal attention to every muscle group. At the same time, because of the sheer volume and intensity of these workouts, training these body parts is one of her greatest challenges in the gym.

Lisa’s favourite workouts have always been shoulder workouts. She enjoys the muscle pumps she gets after a tough shoulder workout.

 She claims that the key is to do high reps and feel the muscle ‘burn.’ Heavy weights with low reps will not yield the same results. “It’s one of my favourites!” she says. You don’t have to go heavy on it, but your shoulders will feel pumped after.”

Diet And Nutrition By Lisa Lanceford :

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Lisa has tried a variety of methods for staying lean, with carb cycling being one of her favourites.

Lisa’s macros for the first seven days are low-carb, high-protein, and moderate-fat. Following that, she will have one ‘carb refill’ day in which she will consume up to 500g of carbs.

This allows her to keep her glycogen stores full throughout the week while remaining lean.

Lisa sticks to the fundamentals of supplementation. She only consumes whey protein and amino acids during her workouts. If she needs to push through a tough training session, she may take an energy-booster supplement.

Lisa’s diet was far from ideal when she first began learning about nutrition. Initially, she ate a lot of sugar and fast food. Despite her consistent training, this made her feel terrible. Lisa noticed the most changes in her appearance and mood after eliminating sugars.

She now follows a healthy diet consisting of whole foods. Refined sugars are not permitted. Lisa’s only fluids are usually water and tea. However, depending on her mood, she will occasionally drink a fruit juice.

Fitness Motivation by Model Lisa Lanceford :


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Lisa Lanceford’s story taught us that instead of attempting to get everything right at once, we should focus on one goal at a time. Lisa Lanceford did not begin her fitness journey with a strict training regimen, diet, and supplementation.

Instead, she took it one step at a time, teaching herself the proper way to do exercises first. Then she began to incorporate healthier foods into her diet while eliminating the unhealthy ones.

It was a long and slow process, but Lisa Lanceford knew it was the only way to get the results she desired.

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