Top 5 Great Movies That Originally Had Awful Titles : Ranked

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Finding catchy titles for any story is extremely difficult, as both writers and filmmakers are well aware of. They ought to be captivating, informative, and conclude with a conclusion (mood, genre, etc.). Even though great movies that originally had awful titles they attempt to name their story, some movies titles fail to immediately draw viewers in. When the title is truly appropriate, though, it just seems perfect.

Given how similar the movies titles for each project appear, it can be difficult to imagine how the titles were chosen. The title that is ultimately chosen for posters isn’t the one they write, though. As an illustration. It used to be called a horror movie, but now there is a sizable horror franchise called Shout. In the end, the original title was used in a very different setting that still paid homage to the film it originally referred to. Of course, this ironically led to the name of the parody franchise.

Here are some well-known movies whose names were vastly different from what we are familiar with today.


Top 5 Great Movies That Originally Had Awful Titles,all time great movies,great movies to watch,great movies,
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The sci-fi thriller directed by Denis Villeneuve and starring Amy Adams is well-balanced and appears to have taken great care in its creation. So much so that the movie’s title, Arrival, seems like a crucial component that ought to have been present from the beginning. It’s a statement that evokes both certainty and unease, much like the arrival of extraterrestrials.

The movie, however, was originally titled Story of Your Life after the short story on which it is based. Although to say the previous title was terrible would be an overstatement, it didn’t fit the movie and its plot as well as this one does. Do arrive.

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Beetle Juice-

Never mention his name three times! Few of Tim Burton’s other productions are able to fully display his dark and distinctive style as beetle juice does. The studio was aware of the risk involved in such a risky investment, particularly in terms of potential financial failure.

It was more about Burton persuading them to keep the original name in the beetle juice business, which had previously gone by the name Ghost House. The director joked that the film should simply be titled Scared Sheetless because he detested the title and was horrified when Warner Bros. actually considered renaming the film after this new joke title.


Hancock, the Will Smith-starring superhero film, has significantly changed since the original draught. Based on Vy Vincent Ngo’s unfinished screenplay Tonight he comes, Hancock was produced. It appears that the original script called for a dark comedy with a lot of drama rather than an action film. Smith played a variety of roles, including one that clearly wasn’t included in the finished movie: being a sex addict (hence the innuendo in the previous title).

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A pretty woman-

Top 5 Great Movies That Originally Had Awful Titles,all time great movies,great movies to watch,great movies,
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In the 1990s, Julia Roberts dominated the genre of romantic comedies. This was caused by her two movies, Notting Hill and A pretty woman, in particular. Vivian Ward, the sex worker who falls in love with Edward Lewis (Richard Gere), didn’t get a happy ending because the latter was initially intended to be much darker. So much so that the film’s actual title—$3000—is a play on the sum of money Lewis pays him in exchange for his services.

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American pie-

Top 5 Great Movies That Originally Had Awful Titles,all time great movies,great movies to watch,great movies,
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The American pie Surprisingly lengthy and entertaining, the story in the title. Adam Herz gave the film’s title—Teen sex comedy that can be made for under $10 million and that your reader will love but the exec will hate—when he submitted the script for consideration by a potential buyer. In order for producers to give it a shot, it received the attention it required. East Grand Rapids High was then used as the title, which later changed to East of Grand Falls High. Great Falls followed by American pie resulted from this.

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