How To Successfully Lose Weight In 2022

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 How To Successfully Lose Weight In 2022


I was just like you. Millions of people are like you. You can get results really easily and know how to successfully lose weight in 2022.

I am going to guess you tried all of the traditional things to lose weight, such as:

Counting calories

Counting fat grams/watching your fat intake

Exercising yourself silly

Low carb

No carb

1/2 carb

All meat

All cookies

And the list goes on and on and on.

All or some of these things may work for a while like you stated, but nothing long-term. Why is that?

Allow me to tell you why nothing works, and then I will tell you what will.

My #1 thing that I HATE in regards to weight loss is counting calories. Not only is it the most boring thing ever, it SUCKS for weight loss, doesn’t it?

I bet you count and you count some more, and you just don’t get any good results. And it’s not just counting, but you have all of these stupid rules too.

Like some percentage of your calories should come from this or that, but not too much from this or that and watch out for “empty calories” bla bla bla.

That method is stupid and it doesn’t work. Sure, it “works” if you consider “working” to be the most frustrating thing you have ever done, am I right? The truth is, counting calories is the MOST in-efficient way to lose weight in the history of the world.

If you love living at the gym and starving, then I guess it “works”….but I prefer a method that allows me to ENJOY my life for 5 seconds, I don’t know about you.

I’m going to get a bunch of negative comments for saying this, but I don’t care. I am standing up for calorie counters everywhere who are frustrated and sick of no results.

Do you know why calorie counting doesn’t work?

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Because it makes you focus on the wrong thing. They say “a calorie is a calorie” and they drone on and on about thermodynamics and all calories are equal and all of that jazz.

Sorry, I’m not buying it.

Do you honestly think that 500 calories of broccoli will do the exact same thing in your body as 500 calories of pure ice cream sugar will do? Of course it won’t.

I am not hardly a major in biochemistry, but I have a general understanding of how food works in our body at least on a simple level, which is all I need.

Broccoli (for example) – You eat some broccoli or any truly healthy food and your body creates some fat cells and some hormonal changes occur. Your brain gets a signal that you have fat cells for energy so you can now stop eating. You create a bit of insulin and generally your body is in perfect harmony with what it wants to be doing….which is make itself healthy.

You get a bunch of vitamins, minerals and micro nutrients that are so great for your health. Your body breaks down that broccoli into energy and you are good to go. Ice cream (sugar, added sugar, agave, “diet” food etc) – You eat this and it’s not the same.

Your body creates fat cells. But now a lot of insulin is deployed around your body. This insulin causes a TON ( a literal ton in many cases these days) of negative things to happen in your body.

First, it sort of blocks that signal that the broccoli gave you about having enough fat for energy, so your brain doesn’t get that signal. So that means you still think you are hungry. So you eat more junk food…and this process goes on and on.

After a while of this, your body literally gives up and becomes insulin resistant. At this point, you are getting obese and sick. Over time you can develop a pretty wide range of illnesses like heart disease, high blood pressure, fatty liver and so many more.

Now, is this scientifically PROVEN?


Do you know what else is NOT scientifically proven? That smoking “causes” cancer. It is a VERY best guess, and everybody knows it is true, so we avoid smoking if we don’t want cancer.

And in 50 years people will avoid sugar because they will “know” it “causes” obesity and a ton of these diseases….but you’ll have to wait and see for that. In the meantime, does it make sense to consume so much of it?


So this makes “a calorie is a calorie” not the case. If that were the case, wouldn’t ALL calories be beneficial? Can you really see eating say 4,000 calories of broccoli and green vegetables per day and becoming obese and sick?

Some people will, and those people are just missing the boat….but that’s not our problem.

What is my point?

When you focus ONLY on calories, you miss the MUCH bigger picture. And that picture is that eating foods with a bunch of sugar is absolutely going to make you fat and sick. To believe otherwise is to believe that a diet consisting in high amounts of calories of the world’s healthiest foods would truly result in obesity and disease.

I can’t believe that for one second…I WON’T believe it.

So what can you do?

Losing weight is so easy it’s unreal. You just need to forget about the stupid rules that got you here, and adapt just a few new ones. They really aren’t even “rules” so to speak…they are the foundation for living a new, healthy life!

And here they are —

1) Avoid as much sugar as you can in your life – I don’t mean just cakes and ice cream here. Go look at the food in your house, and read the label. Chances are about 80% of it has added sugar, and that is absolutely why you are not losing weight.

If you want to see just a very short list of common, every day “healthy” foods that have added sugar in the form of high fructose corn syrup, you can read that here —> Shocking Foods That Are Loaded With High Fructose Corn Syrup (Sugar)

Why is sugar so bad? I knew you were wondering this, so I took the liberty of finding some great SCIENCE so that you don’t just think I am here spreading around the “Wally diet” (which does not exist by the way).

So, how much sugar should you have? The World Health Organization (not for profit) recommends a maximum of 25 grams total of sugar per day, which is about 6 teaspoons.

ONE Yoplait “Light” yogurt has 12 grams of sugar….1/2 of your daily recommended total, in just a “few little calories”

Can you see why counting calories is a waste of time?

So now that you are avoiding sugar, what’s next? Processed foods.

1) Avoid processed foods – Really though, this is still #1. When you avoid either sugar or processed foods, you kind of automatically avoid the other one…they go hand in hand.

2) Eat a ton of vegetables – This is where people get sad. It doesn’t have to be sad though, vegetables are SO GOOD! And the best part about them is you can absolutely stuff yourself silly on them, and you will NEVER gain weight.

Look at some of the foods you can eat here. Do these look boring and gross to you? Well, don’t answer that…but in time they will look amazing.

And I can tell you (because these are my pics of the food that I eat) they TASTE amazing!

Oh no! That looks like some guacamole, doesn’t it? EEK

3) Eat healthy fats – You can eat as much guacamole as you can stuff in your mouth, I GUARANTEE IT! I eat the stuff by the spoonful, at least a few times a month and have it on wraps or by itself a few times a week at least.

Fat never made anyone fat, and it never will…so eat it!

4) Eat fruit – Now, fruit does have sugar so you do want to watch it, but any normal amount is not going to hurt you ONE BIT. In my context, a “normal” amount is a few pieces a day.

I have an apple, a banana, and a lime at least every day, and if I have any berries or other fruit I have that too. 

Because I lost 70 pounds doing these things. That was over 1 year ago, and I gain exactly zero pounds a month.

Also, I eat all day. I snack all day long on sunflower seeds, which have 190 calories OH NO! If you are counting calories, those would be a terrible snack. But if you are me and you know that ignoring calories is the key to health, you just eat them and enjoy your life.

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