IT Chapter 3 2023: A Comprehensive Guide with Everything You Need to Know

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The ‘IT’ supernatural horror film series piques the public’s interest in a third installment. Viewers have been anticipating It Chapter 3 ever since It Chapter 2 came out. The creation of the two incredible films had an impact on the horror subgenre. Both films are regarded as among the very best.

The plot of the IT franchise centres on a savage killer named Pennywise. In the previous film, the Losers Clubs came together to take down Pennywise. There have recently been expectations for a new film. The story could take a bizarre turn involving Pennywise’s past or something else. What matters is whether or not “It Chapter 3” will appear. Let’s move on to the specifics in that regard.

Is ‘It Chapter 3’ Happening Now?

The existence of a third film has not been officially confirmed. On a book, the two films were based. And the conclusion of It Chapter 2 indicates that the tale of Pennywise and the Losers Clubs is complete. However, a different story based in the same universe might exist.

Muschietti did mention a third film, but he did not confirm or deny the idea. According to Muschietti’s official statement, mythology is a subject that can always be explored. Every 27 years for hundreds of years, he has interacted with people. So that you can appreciate the volume of content… The prospect of eventually studying this mythology is always intriguing.

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Pennywise The Dancing Clown On The Possible Of ‘It Chapter 3’ 2023:

In September of 2019, Bill Skarsgrd did mention the possibility of making another film. He suggested that the narrative might adopt a different tack and delve into Pennywise’s past. It would be interesting to watch Pennywise’s origin story.

It would have to be the right kind of approach, he said. The last chapter of this story concludes where the second movie does, as does the book. The possibility of going back in time to before everything that has happened is an intriguing one. There might be a story there that would be interesting to investigate.That would be a standalone story that isn’t part of the book but obviously takes place in the same world as the book.

Therefore, it might have some interesting aspects. I consider it to be enjoyable.

After a few months, Dauberman also brought up the prospect of making another film. “I do believe it is feasible. I’m interested in anything related to the Stephen King universe, but the two films can only tell so much of the story.

There are parts of the book that could be expanded upon to create a movie. Just whether or not people want to see it is up for debate. I believe it inhabited this planet for an extremely, extremely, extremely long period of time, which entails a great deal of bloodshed and numerous tales to tell.

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What About A Potential Prequel Series Of ‘It’?

Even though there haven’t been many developments regarding a third movie, a prequel series could still happen. Muschiettis and Jason Fuchs reportedly confirmed that a series is in the works for 2022. The ‘Welcome to Derry’ television series will take place in the 1960s.

The events of the series will occur before “It: Chapter One.” The report will also cover Pennywise the Dancing Clown’s enigmatic past in addition to that. Although he confirmed he was not involved in its creation, Stephen King is excited to watch this series.
The possibility of a prequel series exists even though there haven’t been many updates regarding a third movie. A series is being developed for 2022, according to Muschiettis and Jason Fuchs, who confirmed this. The ‘Welcome to Derry’ television series is set in the ’60s.

Before the events of “It: Chapter One,” the series’ plot will occur. The report will also contain Pennywise the Dancing Clown’s enigmatic origin story in addition to those details. While admitting he wasn’t involved in its creation, Stephen King said he was looking forward to watching the series.

Bill Skarsgrd then recently confirmed in March 2023 that he is not also involved in the development. I’m not currently involved with it, he declared. If someone else is chosen to complete it, I would suggest that they go it alone. Adopt it as your own. Take pleasure in it. That character’s abstractness was what I enjoyed about him.

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We anticipate the upcoming series even though it’s unlikely that there will be another movie. Knowing what happened to Pennywise will be interesting. You are also welcome to share your plot suppositions in the section below. Future fresh updates will be provided to keep you informed.

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