Jay Glazer(Fox NFL Reporter)is finally Engaged To Rosie Tenison

According to PEOPLE exclusively, earlier this week in Santa Monica, California, Jay Glazer proposed to girlfriend Rosie Tenison.
She got a ring when Jay Glazer got down on one knee.

According to an exclusive report from PEOPLE, the 53-year-old Fox NFL reporter is engaged to girlfriend Rosie Tenison.

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A source who spoke to PEOPLE claims that Glazer asked Tenison to marry him in California earlier this week. Jay “got engaged in Santa Monica, at the location of his first date with Rosie,” the insider claims, where they first started dating.

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On Sunday, Glazer shared the exciting news of his engagement via Instagram. “So this is what happened! Finding true love only took 53 years for me.

As a result, I’ve undermined and alienated others. That’s what the grey forces you to do. However, it takes a special spirit to be there for me, support my development, and make me feel loved “Glazer continued.

In a recent Instagram post, Glazer celebrated life with Tenison, a former model and clothing designer who runs the Los Angeles shop Varga.

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The TV journalist posted a photo of the two on a boat in a beautiful Thai setting and captioned it, “I am doing GREAT!!!.”

We trained in Muy Thai, learned additional meditation and breathwork techniques to reduce anxiety, worked with monks again for depression and mental health, and did a digital detox (the most difficult part), but once we got used to being disconnected from our phones and computers, the anxiety faded and we connected on a deeper level with each other and everyone around us.

After that, the NFL insider said he couldn’t “I can’t wait to share what we learned with you all in the upcoming weeks in the hopes that it will help you all as well.

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