Husband receives photo from his wife, then immediately wants a divorce

A picture is worth a thousand words…

A significant aspect of our lives is photography. A photograph can be used to preserve holiday memories, your pet’s cuteness, and the beauty of your significant other. Even so, there are times when it is preferable to avoid getting too caught up in the details because you never know when you might notice something. Something with significant repercussions… This happened to John Baker as well; he noticed something in a picture of his wife that made him want to get rid of her right away.

Have you seen it in the picture up top? Read on quickly if not.

John and Chloe

Husband receives photo from his wife, then immediately wants a divorce
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Jonathan and Baker Living in San Francisco, Chloe had been married for five years. A unique bond existed between the American couple. While Chloe spent her time volunteering at various charities in the city, John travelled the world for work and was occasionally gone from home for weeks at a time.

Chloe was responsible for running the home because she was there so frequently by herself. John had to abide by his wife’s household regulations while he was home for a week. At first, this had been a source of conflict, but John eventually accepted it. Having such a lovely wife to return home to had long made him happy.
John always travelled on business trips stress-free because he had complete faith in his wife. Was what he did justified? Keep reading!

John Baker

As a sales representative for a tech company, the wife’s husband, John, did a good job. John frequently spent weeks away from home for work due to this company’s global partners and customers. He frequently travelled in first class and stayed in luxurious accommodations. He led a lavish lifestyle.

John loved spending time at home with Chloe, his true love. The two frequently spoke on the phone while John was away on business. The couple went weeks without seeing each other because Chloe had stated early on in their relationship that she disliked video calling. When John arrived at a location, he frequently sent a selfie, but he couldn’t anticipate the same from Chloe. It was nothing new to him.

Chloe Baker

Chloe had a large network of friends and was a beautiful, well-liked woman. She was a welcome guest at fundraisers and other events because of her extensive network. Chloe didn’t need to work because John had such a great job. She supported charities throughout the day. She thus made sure to do something beneficial for the world during the day.

Chloe also made sure to look after herself. She cherished socialising with friends and enjoying good food and shopping. Chloe was regarded as being incredibly sociable and enjoyed talking to everyone. This has occasionally been mistaken for flirting by waiters, store clerks, and other unidentified men.

Because Chloe frequently recommended these men to her single friends, they were overjoyed by this development.
That was different in the past


Chloe had previously made her living as a model. She had even become a playmate at Playboy. Chloe had been single at the time and had thoroughly enjoyed all the male attention that came with this job.

While working, Chloe met John, the man she would later marry. She worked as a model at a renowned auto show, promoting a car company’s most recent model. Her attention was drawn to John as soon as he entered the room among the thousands of men who were moving.

It was different for John.

At the car show

John and Heather, his ex-girlfriend, were searching for a new vehicle on that particular day. The couple had been using the same sedan for years, but now that John was beginning to make more money, they had the funds to buy a new vehicle. The couple had not anticipated the way the day had transpired.

After seeing a photo of his wife, the husband requests a divorce.

John and Heather, his ex-girlfriend, were searching for a new vehicle on that particular day. The couple had been using the same sedan for years, but now that John was beginning to make more money, they had the funds to buy a new vehicle. The couple had not anticipated the way the day had transpired.

The auto show was very crowded. The couple had been exploring for a while but had not yet discovered their ideal vehicle. John was ecstatic because he recently received a promotion at work. After using the restroom, he was returning to Heather when he noticed something that seemed to stop time.

He discovered that Heather was not who he had assumed…

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The other man

A strange man in a suit walked up to Heather right in front of him and kissed her. Although Heather appeared to know the man, she was obviously shocked. Heather struggled to maintain her whisper as a heated argument broke out. John came up to the two.
When John confronted them about it, Heather was astounded. The other man appeared to be equally shocked and indignant as John. He inquired, “Who the hell are you?” to John. I’ll ask the same thing of you. John answered. Heather might have fallen through the earth.

Quickly, everything became clear…


It was discovered that Heather had been dating the man she met at the fair for a year. They were both duped; the other man knew no more about John than he did about the other man. Both of the men were unaware that their girlfriend was seeing someone else.
John found this to be very depressing. He was incredibly in love with Heather and had a promising future ahead of him. When the unidentified man left the room, John never saw him again. John yelled at Heather to get out of his way. As a result, John was left alone in the space.

The meeting

John had sat in a chair and was holding his head in his hands. After observing the entire scene from a distance, Chloe made the decision to approach him. She commented, “That looked intense. Are things all right? John tried to comfort the unidentified woman by saying a few encouraging words. He started crying, so this did not go well for him.

John was given a drink by Chloe, and the two got to talking. The show had ended without their knowledge after a few hours of discussing Heather, John’s new job, and today’s strange event. Concerned about John, Chloe.

John promised to call her later that day to let her know he had safely returned home.

The phone conversation

John made the decision to call Chloe once he got home. Another three hours vanished before his eyes. This time, they had discussed Chloe’s career, aspirations, and desires. Although John discovered that he could communicate with her very effectively, his thoughts were limited to Heather.

The following day, Heather came to pick up her belongings. John found it to be easier than he had anticipated. He was especially eager to speak with Chloe once more. After she had already left the house, he did this. The time passed quickly again because the two couldn’t stop talking.

The very beginning

After speaking with Chloe on the phone for a few weeks, John decided to ask her out to dinner. He had moved past Heather by this point and was staring at the stunning model who had consoled him at the auto show. Yes, she replied.

They conversed and laughed until late hours while enjoying an expensive bottle of wine at one of the town’s most opulent restaurants, which he took her to. They then rode in a taxi to John’s apartment to continue their evening there.

One date turned into two, and two into more. Unlike John’s ex, Chloe seemed reliable.

Husband receives photo from his wife, then immediately wants a divorce
image credit-respective owner

The relationship

The couple quickly made the decision to live together. The future was kind to them because they had been dating for a year. The next logical step was to formally move in together since they hardly ever slept in their own homes at this point.

John was simply bothered by something. He sensed that something wasn’t quite right. Living together was a big deal for him because their previous relationship had ended so disastrously. He wanted to impose one condition on Chloe because of this.

The circumstance really alarmed her.

The condition

After their date night at the movies, John made the decision to let Chloe know about his condition. He only hoped she would interpret it correctly because he had no malice in his intentions. Although he had complete faith in her, something felt off to him. She accepting his condition would do a lot to ease his anxiety.

Before we decide to live together, I would like to make a request. Chloe was prepared to do anything to please John, even though she had no idea what he would ask of her. She was eager to move in with her beloved.

But the professional model was quite taken aback by John’s condition.

The request

John took his lover’s hand and said, “My request is. “Please stop taking naked photos,” I request. Chloe gave him a smiling stare. She was already prepared for this to be the circumstance. She had been making money doing regular modelling jobs for some time, but she still occasionally participated in nudist photo shoots. She had already planned to decline these jobs going forward because their relationship had developed to the point where they were moving in together.

She accepting his condition made John very happy, and he was eager to live with his beloved. The two soon began looking for a home and discovered a lovely area in San Francisco.

They enjoyed exploring the city together because neither of them were familiar with it.

When they first went to the Golden Gate Bridge together, Chloe was shocked…


The Golden Gate Bridge was captured in a stunning photo by Chloe just then. John was knelt in front of her when she turned and noticed him. When she screamed, onlookers began applauding. Of course I want to marry you, she cried out as tears fell down her cheeks.

The following months passed quickly. There was so much planning to do! The couple invited all of their friends and family to an extravagant wedding that they hosted. The priest was waiting at the altar, so the two made their way there as they walked down the aisle.

In their marriage, they would experience both prosperity and adversity.

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The ring

Chloe’s wedding band, which she would wear for the duration of her nuptials, was exquisitely set with tiny diamonds. John hired a skilled jeweller from France to create these, so no expenses or effort were spared. His princess deserved a ring that was extra special. Chloe proudly displayed the ring.

There was a lot of interest in the ring. Some of Chloe’s friends couldn’t make it to the wedding because they lived abroad. Chloe was repeatedly asked to send pictures of the jewellery because they had already learned about the stunning wedding ring from the media.

In the years that followed, the couple’s lives became more tranquil until John made a startling discovery.

Married couple

The couple’s life underwent significant change in the years that followed their wedding. Chloe’s career also changed significantly, and John took on a new position as a sales representative for the company he worked for. She observed that she received fewer job offers as she grew older.

As a result, John spent more time away from home, leaving Chloe to become a housewife. Chloe started volunteering for charities and was soon welcomed at events and fundraisers. John was now earning enough for two because the company he worked for was very aware of his value.

Despite the two doing everything right, their relationship began to falter.


Chloe had to adjust to the change from a single model’s life full of parties, attention, and stress to a married housewife’s life. She benefited from her volunteer work because she cared deeply about other people. She did, however, yearn for more excitement in her life. She stayed at home a lot of the time.

She spent a lot of time at home and had plenty of downtime in between household duties. She came to the realisation that she was not entirely happy with the direction her life was currently taking. She spent most of her time at home and was utterly bored while her husband travelled frequently and earned the money. Chloe occasionally received modelling job offers, but this was insufficient.

Chloe longed for more excitement and variety in her life.

Away from home a lot

John had some concerns about the way things were going as well. He was now in a very important position and was making a lot of money, but something was still missing from his life. He started to understand that “something” was Chloe more and more. It could take weeks before he saw the love of his life again because he would occasionally spend a lot of time away from home.

Chloe’s dislike of image or video bubbles didn’t help matters either. John would find it much simpler as a result of getting to see his wife once more. During this business trip, he made the decision to insist on it once. He desperately missed her.

Chloe’s dislike of image or video bubbles didn’t help matters either. John would find it much simpler as a result of getting to see his wife once more. During this business trip, he made the decision to insist on it once. He desperately missed her.

John had no idea how this request would completely alter his life.

The photo

While John was getting on his next flight, the couple had just called for 30 minutes. Chloe sat down on the couch after being on her way home when the call had been made. Unexpectedly, her husband, who had to be on the plane by this point, sent her a message.
“Could you send me a photo of yourself, please? It hurts me to not see you over the next few weeks because I miss you so much.

Please,” typed John. He then carefully buckled his seatbelt and switched his phone to aeroplane mode. The aircraft began to taxi and get ready to take off.

What awaited him was a mystery to him…

Taking a picture

Chloe read the message while grimacing. a snapshot of herself? John must have known she didn’t like that. She had already seen herself enough because she was a professional model. She wished to separate her personal and professional lives. Chloe was going to say no to the request.

Then she understood what John must be going through. alone and lonely, far from home in a foreign country. She could at least send him a picture to make him happy. She took several selfies while posing, picked the best one, and then sent it to her husband with a heart emoji.

She only missed one important detail…

No way back

Chloe took another close look at the image after sending it. She thought she looked great and couldn’t understand why she wasn’t getting more modelling opportunities. She’d even had to decline them in the past because she didn’t have time for new jobs… She then abruptly became aware of a shocking detail.

She began by shouting “Oh no!” at her phone in the living room. She had observed something that would infuriate John. Her phone’s keyboard was rapidly tapped until the screen abruptly went black. She was without power. John was planning to land and view the image.

There was no turning around…


After landing, John turned off aeroplane mode on his phone and grinned widely. He only had one new message from his true love. He saw his wife’s stunning photo when he opened the messaging app. John, who was madly in love, regarded the screen.

Her lovely smile, lovely eyes, and shiny hair… John felt his heart suddenly beat faster. And what was that? His throat felt his heart pounding. Something he noticed in the picture really shocked him. What did this indicate?

His marriage suffered significantly as a result of this fact…


As John made a fourth call to his wife, he trembled with rage. She didn’t respond once more. Of course, he was unaware that her phone had shut off, so he tried a fifth time. When he tried again and it didn’t work, John picked up the phone and dialled another number.

His attorney responded in the customary cordial manner. He was given an explanation of the situation by John, who then made a request. I want you to prepare the divorce documents, he said. In shock, the lawyer recited what John had said. He inquired, “Are you certain about this?” to John. First, speak with her; perhaps she can provide an explanation.

On the counsel of his attorney, John took a few deep breaths before deciding to call Chloe once more.

The conversation

Where the hell is your wedding ring? asked ohn bluntly. Chloe had anticipated that he would be interested in this. The fact that he had gone to such lengths and expense to place this wedding ring on her finger was something he had noticed right away. Chloe was not wearing her wedding ring, as the image clearly demonstrated.

John’s mind wandered to one sinister idea. When he was away on business, did she cheat on him? Naturally, Chloe had made mention of her boredom at home. She might have forgotten to put her wedding ring back on while seeking the excitement outside the door. Was this more frequent? Naturally, she never sent a photo.

Chloe was forced to be honest…

The explanation

Chloe made the decision to be honest with her husband. It was difficult for her to tell him a lie when she knew the truth, and it was difficult for him to be so far away from home and unable to see her face during this conversation. She made the decision to cut to the chase.

She promised her husband she would never do this, so she knew telling him the truth would surprise him. Although she adored John, she knew she had to give them the truth about why the ring wasn’t on her finger in the picture.

The truth emerged…

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The truth

Chloe admitted to doing something that day that John wouldn’t appreciate. She had been sitting around her house and was very bored. She had already finished all the household chores, and there was nothing to volunteer for or events to attend that day.

She scheduled a meeting with a friend over the phone before leaving. Chloe was doing something that her husband didn’t approve of along the way, but she was tired of being bored. This was at least something fun. And he would never even know!

Thinking about Chloe’s future actions. On the following page, you can read it.

The shoot

Chloe hired a pro photographer for a nude photo shoot. This photo shoot was purely artistic; there was nothing sexual about it. Even though John had asked her not to participate in any more nude photo shoots, she chose to defy him this time. She found that to be very exciting!

The photo shoot was lovely and respectful. Chloe experienced a sense of attractiveness she hadn’t experienced in a long time. She had it in her, even though she might not have been able to support herself as a model. John had asked her for a picture when he got home and sent the selfie.

She simply neglected to replace her wedding ring…

John’s reaction

The fact that his wife hadn’t cheated on him made John incredibly happy. As soon as she mentioned the photo shoot, he told her he was fine with it. John yearned for his girlfriend to think she was attractive and beautiful. He could easily picture a housewife’s life as being monotonous.

The two enjoyed talking about their hopes and aspirations. They admitted to being unhappy with their marriages to one another. John was away from home far too frequently, but they still loved and cherished their time together.

Then John took quite a bold action…

The drastic action

John told his boss that he no longer wanted to travel to his home so frequently. He enquired as to whether San Francisco offered any positions. This would allow him to spend every day with his wife once more. He was relieved to learn that his boss fully understood him. And things only got better!

Surprise! John was informed by his boss that a management position had opened up in San Francisco. When he got back from his current business trip, he had planned to give it to John. He could no longer keep this request to himself after John called with it. They decided to talk about the specifics in the office the following week after John accepted the offer.

John consequently secured employment in San Francisco. What about Chloe?

Happily married

Chloe is much more self-assured now as a result of the covert photo shoot and the fact that her husband is back in her life. And she exuded this! Chloe’s modelling career suddenly took off as she was approached with job after job offer.
Chloe wouldn’t take too many jobs abroad, they both agreed. Of course, they didn’t want history to repeat itself.

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