Fans of Bad Bunny panic over Kendall Jenner dating rumours 2023

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After hearing rumours that the Grammy-winning rapper from Puerto Rico might be dating Kendall Jenner of The Kardashians, Bad Bunny fans are incensed.

Fans of Bad Bunny do not want to see Kendall Jenner, the star of The Kardashians, dating their favourite rapper. After opening the Grammys on February 5th with a performance that had Taylor Swift on her feet dancing, Bad Bunny was on everyone’s mind. Kendall and Bad Bunny were allegedly seen out together, and the popular celebrity gossip website DeuxMoi later confirmed the two are dating. Devin Booker, an NBA player, and Kendall had a two-year relationship before splitting up in November. There were also unfounded rumours that Kendall was reuniting with her ex Harry Styles.

With screenshots of Tweets from Bad Bunny fans, Reddit user Oth1994 claimed that Bad Bunny fans are “having a meltdown on Twitter (and tik tok) over the Kendall/Bad Bunny rumours.” One Twitter user claims that Bad Bunny’s relationship with The Kardashians star has changed the way she feels about him. Another person claimed they felt “ick” after learning the two are dating. The Reddit user compares it to the response from One Direction followers when Kendall dated Harry.

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Fans of the Kendall Jenner are aware that people dislike the family-

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One The Kardashians fan commented on Reddit, “When I read things like this it just makes me realise more and more that these women are not well liked.” Another person remarked that dating a pop star must be “miserable” because of their followers. The singer and Kendall haven’t officially confirmed their relationship, and Deux Moi isn’t always reliable in their assertions. The platform once claimed, for instance, that Dove Cameron had been cast as Glinda in the Wicked movie, only for Ariana Grande to be revealed the following day.

Fans of Bad Bunny are understandably outraged that he might date Kendall Jenner. Despite their success, the family is not well-liked by the general public. They’ve frequently been accused of being out of touch, failing to recognize their privilege, and engaging in cultural appropriation. The Kardashians have additionally come under fire for fetishizing men of color by only dating and mating with them. Fans appear to believe that Kendall Jenner is doing the same thing with Bad Bunny because he is Puerto Rican.

The rapper’s success in mainstream pop has given a lot of Hispanic people a sense of belonging. To add to the excitement, his music is also in Spanish. It’s understandable why fans of Kendall Jenner, who may believe his supporters to be crazy, would be upset that someone they deeply identify with is dating someone very entitled and out of touch. Unfortunately, neither fan base can stop Bad Bunny and Kendall from dating if they do.

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