Actress Lili Reinhart Spotted Kissing Jack Martin During Romantic Airport Outing

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Lily Reinhart, 26, and her ex Cole Sprouse seem to have moved on romantically. Outside of Los Angeles International Airport (LAX) on Monday, the actress was seen giving Jack Martin, a TikTok star, a passionate kiss. As they savoured the bonding moment before moving on to check into a flight, the hottie had his hands around her waist as well.

Lili had part of her short hair combed back and was sporting a black sleeveless top underneath a grey blazer, jeans, and sneakers. Jack sported a long-sleeved dark blue shirt, dark blue jeans, and brown boots. When she was about to leave for the airport, the two rolled her suitcase out of a car.

Actress Lili Reinhart Spotted Kissing Jack Martin During Romantic Airport Outing
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A month after Cole made headlines for disclosing his previous relationship with the River Valley star, Lili and Jack were last spotted together. The actor acknowledged that he believes he would have ended their romance “sooner” than he did if he “loved himself a little bit more.” I simply had the unhealthful impression that I had a lot of people around me to take care of. In that circumstance, I probably ought to have been a little more selfish,” he admitted in a podcast interview with Call Her Daddy.

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Cole also talked about what it was like to work with Lili after their breakup in 2020, which followed three years of intermittent dating.

Jack played a practical joke on Cole’s ex by dressing up as him in an Instagram video with fellow TikTok star Brianna chicken fillet after the podcast interview became public. He made light of the fact that Cole was the “third Sprouse brother” to “finally speak” and impersonated him throughout the interview by hiding a cigarette behind his ear and smoking the entire clip. How To Find An Attorney In 2023 USA

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