Top 10 Most-Watched Netflix Movies of All Time 2023

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The original content that Netflix produces has helped them establish themselves as one of the most popular streaming services. The popularity of the streamer makes it easy for viewers to talk about the most recent promotions offered by the service.
From acquiring the rights to stream other films on their service, Netflix has advanced to producing its own original content. Netflix has invested in making original content, and as a result, they have produced films that may endure. They have also produced work that has earned Oscar nominations for performances and content.

Netflix has developed into more than just a streaming service and now has its own studio.
Their main objective is to get viewers to visit their website frequently and log those viewing hours. People have more time than ever to sit at home and catch up on the films everyone at the office keeps raving about now that the world has evolved to a work-from-home environment.

A star-studded cast also makes the movie more interesting to watch, particularly if Ryan Reynolds is a part of it. These high-budget films are in high demand, and it doesn’t appear that Netflix will stop producing them any time soon.

The top 10 Netflix movies of all time, based on total reported viewing hours from Flix Patrol as well as What’s on Netflix’s 28-day reports, are listed below. Netflix can be a little tricky with their viewing numbers and data, but we did the best we could.

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Spenser Confidential:

Spenser Confidential, starring Mark Wahlberg, justifies its status as one of Netflix’s most popular movies by taking on the modern-day Batman and Robin aesthetic. Spenser, an ex-cop who has just been released from a Boston prison and has made the decision to leave the city permanently in order to live a peaceful life, finds himself unexpectedly assisting Hawk (Winston Duke), a boxing amateur, at the request of Henry (the late, great Alan Arkin).

But when he learns about the enigmatic deaths of his former coworkers, he teams up with Hawk to find the murderers.
The film intrigues you with never-ending action that raises the bar somewhat for action fans, despite the fact that it does not break any new ground in terms of storytelling.


Hustle is a perfect example of a sports movie that demonstrates you don’t need to be an expert in that particular sport to enjoy a movie about it. After being fired from his job as a scout for a professional basketball team, Stanley Sugerman (Adam Sandler) is lost in his life. However, for the first time in a very long time, he is excited.

Inadvertently running into amateur basketball player Bo Cruz on the streets of Spain, he decides to take him under his wing, thinking that developing him might be their ticket to the NBA.
The film’s deep dive into the world of basketball is evident from the fact that it was produced by basketball great LeBron James, but what stands out the most about it might be the cameo appearances of several NBA stars.

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6 Underground:

Michael Bay is known for his outrageous set pieces and huge explosions, and 6 Underground delivers both in its two hours of nonstop action-packed excitement. The movie centres on an unnamed group of people who are united by a mysterious character, played by Ryan Reynolds, to take on corrupt politicians and alter their future so they no longer have to witness the suffering and anarchy in the world. The movie 6 Underground is a great way to unwind on a Friday night after a long and challenging work week.

The Kissing Booth 2:

It may come as a surprise that The Kissing Booth 2 has become one of the most watched Netflix movies given that its prequel received mostly unfavourable reviews when it first came out. However, it is clear that a film’s popularity depends less on how well it performs than on the impression it makes on its audience.

With Ellie (Joey King) making some wise choices during her senior year of high school, which is a clear improvement for her character compared to the first movie, The Kissing Booth 2 accomplishes some things better than the first.
The sequel to The Kissing Booth might be just what you need to make up for any shortcomings you felt in the original movie.

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The Mother:

Niki Caro (Mulan) recently helmed the action thriller The Mother starring Jennifer Lopez. The film was immediately met with high expectations because the actress was portrayed in a new way in the trailer as a badass assassin, but it somehow failed to live up to the bar set by viewers.

In the film, a deadly assassin hides from her past and leaves her daughter in the care of others, away from her. She is forced to reach out to her daughter in an effort to protect her from a life of crime and danger, but only after the contract killers find her. Even though the film’s screenplay is uninspired and overused, there are still plenty of action scenes to keep you interested.

The Irishman:

Along with Harvey Keitel, Jesse Plemons, Joe Pesci, and Anna Paquin, The Irishman has a strong supporting cast. The movie centres on World War II veteran and former truck driver Frank Sheeran. Frank recounts the events that led to his career as a hitman and his association with mobster Russell Bufalino while he was employed by ruthless teamster boss Jimmy Hoffa. The film, which combines all of Martin Scorsese’s favourite themes and greatest hits into one work, is referred to as his “sandbox” by Collider.

The Unforgivable:

The Unforgivable, starring Sandra Bullock, centres on Ruth, an ex-con who was just recently released from prison after committing a violent crime. Ruth is not welcomed when she returns home because her friends and family cannot forget the atrocities she committed in the past. Ruth has no choice but to visit her younger sister, whom she left behind when she entered the building, in the hopes that she will be her only hope.

Purple Hearts :

Purple Hearts, a military romance movie, has some fresh talent and original songs that take off right away. Cassie, the protagonist, has Type II Diabetes and faces financial difficulties while attempting to make it big in the music industry.
She also struggles to pay for insulin. In order to take advantage of his military benefits while he is deployed, Cassie decides to game the system by getting married to Luke, a U.S. marine. Over the course of his deployment, their relationship gets closer, and their act quickly develops into a touching love story.

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Extraction :

The latest action-packed Netflix movie, starring Chris Hemsworth, will make viewers want to watch it again as soon as the credits start to appear. Tyler Rake is followed in Extraction after a lengthy and life-defying career as a mercenary. He is asked to leave the bench and help the kidnapped son of a drug lord. By the end of the film, the extraction would have been nothing short of a miracle if not for the double-cross. The film features amazing action scenes that repeatedly push the actors to their physical and mental limits with some stunning and intricate stunts.

The Adam Project:

Adam Reed recently lost his father, and he is struggling to adjust to his new circumstances. The future version of himself is a bleeding pilot that he discovers in the woods one day. In The Adam Project, 12-year-old Adam doesn’t like the future Adam, but when he finds out that he’s trying to travel through time to find his father, he becomes interested in helping him. According to IGN, the film is full of endearing charm and sarcasm that will leave viewers wanting more from Ryan Reynolds and Walker Scobell.

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