Nick Carter Sobs As The Backstreet Boys Paid Tribute To Aaron Carter Onstage At London Concert.

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The Backstreet Boys, including Nick Carter, paid tribute to the late singer onstage in London a day after Aaron Carter’s tragic death.

Aaron Carter’s death left Nick Carter in a state of shock.

The Backstreet Boys’ singer was visibly moved as he and his bandmates paid tribute to the late musician onstage during their performance on November 6 at the O2 Arena in London.

Kevin Richardson of the boy band said that the song, “No Place,” which was performed, was “very special to us because that song is about family,” as seen in social media videos. Images of Aaron were shown on a big screen during the performance.

“Everyone in here, we all grew up together,” the performer said to the crowd as Nick sobbed next to him. “We are grateful for your love and support over the past 29 years with the Backstreet clan. Highs and lows, ups and downs, have all been experienced.”

He went on, “We are a little bit heartbroken this evening. because one of our family members passed away yesterday. We simply wanted to acknowledge him at some point in our show.”

The other four band members hugged Nick alternately as the audience applauded their actions. The group’s “little brother,” as Howie Dorough referred to Aaron, was then honoured in the group’s subsequent song.

Nick, 42, shared a message in Aaron’s honour on Twitter and Instagram prior to his performance, stating that his “heart has been broken.”

Alongside several old images of the siblings, he wrote: “My love for my brother has never wavered, despite the difficulties in our relationship. You have the chance to encounter a peace that is unattainable on earth because I adore you, Chizz.”

In one of his last interviews, Aaron admitted that his initial motivation for going into show business was to emulate Nick’s well-known career path.

On a Brett Allan Show episode from August, he said, “I just wanted to be like my brother. “He would bring home all these stuffed animals, so I wanted to do what he was doing. I still clearly recall all of these toys. He would bring back items with “Nick” written on them. When I was younger, I sang for stuffed animals, so I wanted to be a singer. not cash. I desired toys of my own.”

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