How to Survive Resident Evil 4 Professional Mode with These 5 Essential Tips 2023 USA

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Even though the Resident Evil 4 remake is already challenging enough, those seeking a greater challenge might choose to try the Professional Mode. In this mode, resident evil 4 walkthrough adversaries are significantly stronger, auto-saving is disabled, and players must utilize flawless parries to block strikes. Simply said, completing this mode will put your talents to the test. Fortunately, we have five key suggestions for completing Resident Evil 4’s insanely challenging mode.


You can complete this mode with Unlimited Rockets, depending on how cheesy you want your Professional run to be. Although not the most fulfilling approach, it is nonetheless a possibility.

You must beat the main story once on Professional before starting a New Game Plus playthrough. You resident evil 4 remake demo may purchase the Infinity Rocket Launcher for 2,000,000 pesetas from the Merchant in Chapter 2 after beginning a New Game Plus session. The game will then be simple for you to finish. To earn as much money as you can, be sure to sell all of your possessions. Genshin Impact 3.6 Livestream

Resident evil 4 remake-OBTAIN THE CHICKEN HAT

We advise using the Chicken Hat if you want some help without cheating all the way through Professional Mode. Leon can now absorb less damage thanks to this gear, which makes Professional Mode considerably simpler.

To obtain it, you must complete the game in Hardcore Mode with a S+ rank (which requires you to finish the game in under five hours and 30 minutes). You resident evil 4 remake walkthrough can wear the Chicken Hat when you have one to take less damage throughout your Professional run.

Resident evil 4 remake-GIVE ASHLEY KNIGHT ARMOR

Like the prior suggestion, you can facilitate things by assigning Ashley a distinct costume. For this, we advise achieving an A level on the Hardcore Mode resident evil 4 remake release date in order to acquire the Knight Armor. By attaining a S+ rank on Hardcore, you can obtain this ranking.

Ashley is practically impenetrable thanks to the Knight Armor, which will be useful on Professional Mode. Top 5 Steps How To Get A Mortgage April 2023 USA


Professional Mode is quite difficult, and there are some sections that will undoubtedly make you want to scream. One in particular is either the Chapter 13 region with Regenerators or the Chapter 10 room with numerous Garradors.

Thankfully, there are a tonne of YouTubers who have great advice for navigating particular situations with ease. We resident evil 4 remake mods suggest being informed of any upcoming issues and being ready for them by following specific players on YouTube. The aforementioned video resident evil 4 remake illustrates how to beat the game on Professional Mode with a S+ ranking and how to finish particular portions swiftly.

You can probably find a video on YouTube that will walk you through a particular step if you ever get stuck on one. 8 Essential Types of Insurance Coverage You Can’t Afford to Overlook 2023 USA


You’ll need to use more resources to defeat the formidable foes that Professional Mode is infamous for hurling at you. As a result, it’s advised to constantly have a supply of supplies and powerful weaponry on hand. To do this, you’ll need a lot of pesetas.

Although you can find money all over the place, we advise collecting as many treasures as you can to sell to the Merchant for money. You can resident evil 4 ps4 actually obtain a map for each of the game’s three regions—the Village, resident evil 4 gamecube resident evil 4 switch Castle, and Island—by fulfilling requests, which will give you a broad notion of where each prize is.

To maximise your overall amount of pesetas won, even better, resident evil 4 deluxe edition be sure to inlay items with the appropriate jewels.

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