Most Women Must Stop Worrying About Pleasing Others So Much, Do More Of What Make Them Happy Instead

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You are not expected to please everyone. Beyond that, you have a lot more to do. You weren’t created to appease others. Never take it into consideration if you ever feel that your motive for being happy comes from pleasing others.

“Most Women Must Stop Worrying About Pleasing Others So Much, Do More Of What Make Them Happy Instead.”

You don’t have to always satisfy everyone, and you have a lot of other things to take care of.

You have to wait 20 seconds.


It’s important to understand that you can’t always afford to do it because we frequently try to keep everyone’s spirits up and find ourselves exhausted.

Being a generous and flexible person is definitely admirable, but you also need to accept the fact that you can’t always make everyone happy.

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Your ability to be joyful shouldn’t be hindered by trying to please everyone.

Doing what makes the people around you happy is undoubtedly a fantastic notion, but you must also realise that being ‘too nice’ will end up costing you even more.

Do not be too nice in this world of selfish individuals.

I am aware that you have a nice heart, but you also need to realise that it isn’t always worthwhile. In today’s world, being a good person will cost you even more.

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It’s admirable that you consider others’ needs and desires. Nobody nearby should suffer harm from you.

You shouldn’t let yourself get lost in the process, though.

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While considering others, you must not overlook your own needs and wants.

Consider your personal well-being. Why continue making compromises for the benefit of others when you only have one life?

Because we cannot afford to be rejected, we frequently chase after fulfilling others’ expectations.

We won’t be able to fulfil everyone’s needs in our immediate vicinity.

You may need to abandon your attempts to appease others and instead be true to yourself. Sometimes it’s acceptable if your feelings and emotions don’t align with those of other people.

Don’t give it any thought! When you’re depressed, who cares? No, I assume. Live your life as you see fit and provide enough happiness for yourself!

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3 thoughts on “Most Women Must Stop Worrying About Pleasing Others So Much, Do More Of What Make Them Happy Instead”

  1. I will always do what I need to do fir my loved ones that is my happiness seeing their smiling faces heating their laughter watching them sleep in a restful mind in peace. That is one of my actions in loving my family and Close friends. If that includes sacrifices to be made on my behalf then so be it one day or 30 days of knowing I made a difference in their lives then I have done my job as a mom, a wife a grandma a aunt a niece or a friend. I decide my own happiness and when I Love someone I Love deeply I give my all. That is my happiness 😊 yes at times, my sacrifices had been taken advantage of as it causes deep hurt inside me that is ok because I know I did what felt right I know I tried. I will never give up on myself I will always do my best I will always share my love with kindness the best way possible.. yes worry, upset, fear, nervousness follows at times but I believe πŸ™ πŸ˜‰ I got this πŸ‘ and God has my back knowing I love give share support unconditionally ❀️ πŸ˜€

  2. Your saying balance our lives while respectfully considering those closest to us, without enabling them.

    In the medical profession we learned that care of our own mental, physical, emotional and spiritual needs would allow us to better help others learn how to take care of themselves..


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