Top 10 The Most Beautiful Actress of the ’90s

Beauty is ageless, but it is more timeless in Hollywood than in the rest of us. This list of the most beautiful symbols from the 1990s is still relevant today! How do they keep their excellent looks for so long? Perhaps there is some secret beauty therapy available only to the super-elite, or maybe it’s just wonderful genes…

Whatever their secret, each of these women possesses a timeless beauty that cannot be disputed. Let’s look back at some of the ’90s goddesses in their prime. To get started, browse the gallery.

Halle Berry:

Halle Berry has accomplished everything. She rose from being a beauty queen to becoming a critically renowned actress and the first African-American woman to win the Academy Award for Best Actress.

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Sharon Stone:

After starring in the sensual movie ‘Basic Instinct,’ Sharon Stone became the ultimate ’90s beauty icon. It also got her a nomination for a Golden Globe!

Catherine Zeta-Jones:

Catherine Zeta-Jones is the definition of a beauty. She rose to prominence in films such as ‘The Mask of Zorro,’ which showed her timeless beauty and charisma on screen.

Demi Moore:

Demi Moore appeared in a number of ’90s films as the seductive female protagonist. From ‘Ghost,’ with the iconic pottery scene, to the 1996 picture ‘S t r i p t e a s e,’ for which she was paid the most of any actress in history at the time.

Naomi Campbell:

Naomi Campbell was discovered at the age of 15 and was one of the models responsible for the term “supermodel” being coined. She was the first black woman to grace the covers of Vogue in the United Kingdom, France, and the United States.

Cindy Crawford:

Cindy Crawford was another early member of the supermodel elite. She graced the covers of the most prestigious fashion magazines and walked the runways for the world’s most prestigious companies. Crawford rose to fame as a result of her outstanding beauty and accomplishments, and she has frequently been on Men’s Health and Maxim’s lists of the most beautiful women.

Jennifer Aniston:

Oh, Rachel. Jennifer Aniston was a major beauty idol in the 1990s. Her ‘Friends’ haircut became a cultural phenomenon and one of the decade’s most sought looks.

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Julia Roberts:

Julia Roberts has one of the most beautiful smiles in the industry! Her inherent beauty has the power to make you cry.

Julianne Moore:

Julianne Moore has barely altered in the 20 years since this shot was taken! Her distinctive beauty has been defined by her trademark red hair and pale skin.

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Sandra Bullock:

Sandra Bullock is a diverse actress who can excel in comedies, romances, and dramas. She was awarded People’s Most Beautiful Woman in 2015, at the age of 45!

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