The Night Agent Season 1 Total Episode List Review 2023, Run Time & Length

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An action-thriller show called The Night Agent Season 1 has been made available on Netflix. The Night Agent Season 1 stars Gabriel Basso, Luciane Buchanan, and Hong Chau in prominent roles.

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The first scene of Night Agent features a mother boarding a train with her young daughter. The train is full, so a man gets up and offers them his seat. The man notices a stranger leave a bag behind as he stands up and is wearing a black jacket and hoodie. He advances to look inside the bag and discovers a bomb.

He releases the emergency door, bringing the train to a sudden stop. He pulls out his FBI badge and tells everyone to get off the train slowly. When there is a bomb announced, chaos ensues. The majority of passengers succeed in leaving the train before the bomb goes off.

The FBI agent is informed that one person has passed away before paramedics and the appropriate authorities arrive. Our protagonist is getting first aid when he spots the bomber lurking in the crowd, watching in secret.

A fight breaks out as the agent pursues the stranger through some shadowy alleys. The agent notices the man has a rattlesnake tattoo on his side as they fight. The suspect evades capture once more despite his attempts to arrest him. The FBI agent is struck by a car as they start another pursuit, but the suspect escapes.

Another young person, Rose, is anxiously anticipating giving her first TED talk. She appears to be a major player in the cybersecurity industry. She is approached by another woman who hands her some funding documents to sign. They are both overjoyed that they were able to accomplish a shared objective.

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After that, we jump ahead a year. We learn the FBI agent’s name is Peter from this point on as he gets ready for his shift at the White House. He is summoned to a meeting with his boss, Diana Farr, when he arrives. She is not pleased with his reaction to Elliot Rome’s ambush, who accused him of being responsible for the bombing a year prior.

In the future, Farr advises him to practise declining to comment during ambush interviews with Elliot Rome. She reminds him of their agreement and that he must pass the time as a night agent before moving on to something better. She informs him that she is leaving for Maryland and requests that he annotate some documents for her. He says “goodbye” and walks away.

Ben Almora, who he encounters on the way to his office, lets him know that the President is looking forward to their pickup game. Ben suggests that the President is interested in Peter’s decision to stay with the FBI rather than join the secret service.

Hawkins is not happy that Peter is reporting to Farr, the President’s Chief of Staff, and he is not happy to hear Peter’s explanation that the report was “need to know.” He cautions Peter to choose his side wisely. Peter enters his windowless office, which has just a phone and a table, and gets to work on some paperwork.

On the other hand, Rose warmly accepts his uncle Henry and aunt Emma. She explains that the board dismissed her. She explains what happened and that she must stay with them because she is bankrupt during dinner. It seems that her company experienced a data breach, and as a result, she lost everything.

Her aunt and uncle make an effort to uplift her and reassure her that everything will be alright. They are happy to assist her because she is family.

Rose awakens later that evening after hearing her aunt and uncle conversing downstairs. She hears them discussing alerting Osprey, destroying paperwork, and trouble for the nation. An engineer, some files, and the fact that nobody in the White House can be trusted are other concerns for her aunt. As Rose approaches, her aunt pulls a gun. She tells Rose that someone is outside but declines to answer her question.

Her uncle hands her a piece of paper and instructs her to call the number on the paper while visiting the neighbor’s house down the street. After saying night action, they insist that she recite the words written on the paper. Additionally, her uncle tells her to say that they need assistance, so panicked Rose departs. Sadly, two individuals attack and kill her uncle and aunt in their home. On her way out, Rose just so happens to run into one of the attackers, who then begins pursuing her.

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Thankfully, when she arrives at the neighbor’s home, no one is home. She intrudes and dials the number listed on the paper.

When Peter hears the phone ring, he is startled and assumes it is a wrong number because Rose doesn’t respond to his coded questions. Rose implores him, claiming that a man is after her and that both her uncle and aunt are in danger. Peter sends a patrol to the house after making a help request. He also directs that Farr be contacted.

Rose enters the house being followed by one of the killers, and Peter helps her hide. Luckily, the patrol officers arrive in time to save her when the man comes dangerously close. Sadly, the murderer managed to get out of a window. Peter and Rose are relieved, and Rose is taken into police custody.

Farr calls Peter and requests a status report. She learns from Peter that Rose had called to say that two of their agents were in difficulty. Peter explains to Farr that Hawkins is already en route and that they must not let the local police abuse their witness. Farr asserts that they must handle this properly and that she will visit the White House to arrange for Peter’s replacement. She gives Peter the go-ahead to visit Rose and protect her in the interim. Prior to Barr and Hawkins’ morning debrief, he is not allowed to speak to or ask Rose any questions. Additionally, he is not to reveal their location to anyone, not even Farr.

When Peter returns with Rose, he discovers that Hawkins has already told her about her aunt and uncle’s passing. Hawkins is not happy that Farr sent Peter to take Rose, but since the President gave the order, he is powerless to stop it.

Peter tells Rose as they leave that he is an FBI agent and that they are going to his apartment to pick up a few things. Rose is beginning to understand that her aunt and uncle had lied to her, but Peter refuses to let her know because he is under orders not to. Additionally, he admits to her that he has no idea why her family was murdered.

When they arrive at his home, he informs her about the debriefing that will take place the following morning. He requests her phone before instructing her to pack some clothing from the adjacent room. He takes a gun out of his safe, a hob phone, and a tote bag. Additionally, he places Rose’s phone in his safe and installs a security camera in his apartment.

Rose discovers some clothing as well as news about a disgraced FBI agent who was killed in a car accident. Peter’s claim that he works for the FBI but has a pass for the White House makes her wary of him as well.
When she asks to go to the police, he responds that it is not safe and that they should look for a place to hide out.

Two men who have been listening to what Elliot has been saying attack him outside his home. They think he was involved in the Metro bombing and that, like his father, he is a traitor. After fending them off, Peter takes their wallets and tells them to wait for the police. He calls Farr after leaving with Rose and requests that she send agents to pick up the two men. He is asked by Farr to look after Rose.

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A couple with a baby visits a woman away from the debrief. As they converse informally, the owner agrees to let them inside and becomes aware that something is strange. Unfortunately, they kill her and take a bag because it is too late. They drive away after leaving the infant behind. After texting that it is finished, the man receives a directive to go back to Washington, D.C., and finish what they started. It turns out that the child was kidnapped.

Frequently Asked Questions on The Night Agent Season 1 Total Episode List:

The first season of The Night Agent contains how many episodes?

The first season of The Night Agent contains a total of 10 episodes.

How long does The Night Agent Season 1 take to watch?

The first season of The Night Agent has a total runtime of 489 minutes. This means that watching The Night Agent Season 1 in its entirety will take 489 minutes, or 8 hours and 9 minutes.

Where can I watch Season 1 of The Night Agent?

The Night Agent Season 1 will only be available to stream on Netflix thanks to Netflix’s distribution.

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