Some Unknown Secrets About Hollywood Celebs

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New photos show a less braless Gwyneth Paltrow.

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Gwyneth Paltrow’s most recent tipless photoshoot has stunned her social media fans.

In an Instagram post to promote the business’s seasonal sale, the 50-year-old actress and founder of lifestyle brand Goop removed her bra.

In the advertisement, Gwyneth is shown standing in front of a stunning outdoor pool while only sporting a pair of wide-leg jeans.

You have to wait 20 seconds.


Actor exploitation is one of Hollywood’s dirty little secrets.

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The star system that was in place at the time contributed significantly to the numerous abuses that characterised the Golden Age of Hollywood cinema.

When it comes to performers, studios and studio executives frequently treated them as their property and sought to safeguard their financial investments in those they had helped rise to fame through the star system.

Exclusive service agreements, which gave studios total control over the careers of the performers, became widely used as a result of this.

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In a recently surfaced video, Dakota Johnson notices Johnny Depp’s broken finger.

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Dakota Johnson notices Johnny Depp’s injured finger in a recently-rediscovered 2015 video, which he claims was caused by ex-girlfriend Amber Heard severing it with a vodka bottle.

As they promoted their movie “Black Mass” at the 72nd Venice Film Festival, a TikTok user posted the clip of Johnson gazing down at Depp’s finger.

During his vicious Golden Globes monologue, Ricky Gervais takes aim at awake Hollywood.

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And they are naturally offended.

Gervais responded to those who had criticised his monologue on Twitter.

The 58-year-old insisted that simply because his eight-minute speech offended some viewers “doesn’t mean they are right.


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