Ranking Every 'American Horror Story' Season: From Worst to Best

Exploring American Horror Story

Get ready for a spine-chilling journey as we rank each 'American Horror Story' season, from the eerie 'Murder House' to the enchanting 'Coven.'

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1.Double Feature (Season 10, 2021)

Double Feature' divided its ideas into two halves but struggled to engage viewers.

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2.NYC (Season 11, 2022)

NYC' ventured into '80s New York with a mix of horror and realism.

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3.Cult (Season 7, 2017)

'Cult' mirrored real-world fears but missed an opportunity for more humor.

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4.1984 (Season 9, 2019)

'1984' promised a fun slasher story but fell into a repetitive time loop.

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5.Apocalypse (Season 8, 2018)

Apocalypse' united past seasons and brought back fan-favorite characters.

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6.Freak Show (Season 4, 2014)

In 'Freak Show,' we explored the world of outcasts and misfits, led by Jessica Lange's unforgettable performance.

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7.Hotel (Season 5, 2015)

Hotel' bathed in Hollywood glamour and showcased Lady Gaga's magnetic presence.

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