Heidi Klum’s Spectacular Peacock Costume Steals the Halloween 2023 Spotlight

You must watch this if you thought the worm from the previous year was good. We don’t set the rules; Heidi Klum does.

If she doesn’t reveal her costume, it’s not Halloween. And Klum has a lot to live up to with a Halloween resume that includes Fiona from Shrek (back in 2018), a whole army of Heidi Klums (in 2016), and last year’s meme-ready, internet-breaking worm.

She was obviously up for the role; hours before the costume’s grand reveal, she teased it on Amazon Live with a variety of Instagram pictures (she even used a nude photo to clock down the days earlier this week, in case anyone forgot about that huge serve).

She literally pulled up the carpet when she came, as her peacock costume required a whole team to properly portray.

Prior to her yearly Halloween celebration, which was held at the sign nightclub in New York City (the venue’s actual sign reads “HAPPY HEIDI-WEEN”) this year, Klum disclosed to the Today show that her outfit for the occasion is enormous and vibrant.

The model, TV presenter, and mother showed up at her celebrity-filled event decked out in an ornate, skin-tight bright blue bodysuit.

As outlandish as you could imagine from Klum, her peacock costume included a group of individuals to simulate a tail.

She painted her hands to complete the look, and she even painted the bumpy prosthetic head that resembled an extraterrestrial that she had previously revealed.