Discover Italy's hidden treasures that defy expectations and make your visit to this beautiful country even more unforgettable. From gigantic pizzas to submerged bell towers, these astonishing finds await your exploration.

10. Record-Breaking Pizzas Italy's Pizza World Records

9.The Monsters of Bomarzo The Park of the Monsters

8.The Smallest Bar in the World Backdoor 43: A Tiny Pub in Milan

7. The Mouth of Truth Roman Mystery: Bocca della Verita

6. The Mad Colored Houses of Burano Rainbow Houses of Burano

5. The Sword in the Rock of Chiusdino The Sword in the Stone's Miraculous Tale

4. Galileo’s Middle Finger The Unconventional Relic of Galileo Galilei

3. Staying in a Trullo Unique Accommodation: Staying in a Trullo

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