The Shocking Truth About Rema and Selena Gomez’s Secret Wedding

Selena Gomez and Rema Are Married? Many admirers are curious about this after hearing from a source that the American pop star and the Nigerian singer eloped to Las Vegas and got married in secret.

The insider, who talked to The Sun, claims that Rema and Selena fell in love right away when they first met at a music event earlier this year.

They have been keeping their relationship a secret from the public and media for some months.

According to the source, Rema and Selena wanted to tie the knot as quickly as possible to avoid being apart due to their hectic schedules.

They made the decision to hold a small wedding attended exclusively by close friends and relatives.

They did not share any pictures or videos of their wedding on social media, nor did they send out invitations to any journalists or paparazzi.

Not everyone, though, finds this rumor to be true. A few sceptics argue that it is too unrealistic and unbelievable.

They draw attention to the fact that Rema and Selena have never been spotted together in public and that there is no proof of their romance.

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