Rema's Heartfelt Tribute to Selena Gomez After VMAs 2023 Win for 'Calm Down'

Rema's Special Tribute:

Rema shares his sincere appreciation for Selena Gomez after their VMAs 2023 victory.

A Strong Bond:

Discover the close friendship that binds Rema and Selena, evident in their hit single 'Calm Down.'

VMAs 2023 Triumph:

Learn about their victorious moment at the VMAs 2023, where they clinched the Best Afro Beats award for 'Calm Down.'

Record-Breaking Sensation:

 Explore how 'Calm Down' shattered records and gained immense popularity on social media.

Rema's Insights:

Gain valuable insights from Rema, the young and talented artist, about his collaboration with Selena Gomez.

Heartwarming Acceptance Speech:

Relive the heartwarming moments of their acceptance speech at the VMAs, including Rema's heartfelt tribute to Selena.

Selena's Gratitude:

 Read Selena Gomez's sincere gratitude to fans and her appreciation for Nigeria's support.

Billboard Chart-Topping Success:

Learn how 'Calm Down' dominated the Billboard US Afrobeats Songs chart for an astounding 45 weeks.