Top 7 Best SEO Tools of 2023

If you want to increase the number of customers for your online business, search engine optimisation (SEO) is one of the best marketing tactics. Describe SEO. It involves making changes to your website in order to increase the number of search engine visitors.Whether you’re the best search engine optimization company striving to enhance your clients’ online presence or an SEO audit company aiming to streamline your processes, these tools are indispensable.

From conducting competitor analysis for social media with cutting-edge social media competitor analysis tools to optimizing your search engine placement using SEMrush analytics, and fine-tuning your SEO for Google My Business, AI-powered innovations like SEO AB testing and site audit software have become the trusted companions of top SEO experts.

By ensuring these resources remain accessible to all, we foster a digital environment where Moz content marketing strategies can flourish, driving businesses toward greater success and visibility. In the ever-evolving realm of digital marketing, democratizing access to AI-powered tools for Google My Business SEO, SEO audit services, and cutting-edge tools like SEMrush is crucial. These resources, including the best competitor analysis tools, help businesses navigate the intricate landscape of online competition.

By offering free and plagiarism-free solutions, we empower professionals to harness the power of tools like Rush SEO and Google AdWords SEO to achieve the best search engine marketing results. From analyzing competitors with SEMrush competitors’ data to generating comprehensive SEO reports with the best SEO reporting tool, our commitment to accessibility ensures that businesses of all sizes can thrive in the online marketplace.

This article explains how to use SEO tools to accomplish your digital marketing objectives as well as which SEO tools are ideal for various tasks. We also provide a guide that explains how to optimise your website so that it appears more prominently on search engine result pages (SERP).

Best SEO Tools:

Mangools KWFinder-

Price:$29/month (or $19.90/month if invoiced annually)Support via email and live chatFree 10-day trial period

Why we choose it: For new business owners who wish to increase the visibility of their content, KWFinder is essential because it is simple to use and reasonably priced.

You can choose the phrases to target in your SEO campaigns by conducting keyword research, which involves gathering and analysing information about the search terms people use online. Mangools’ specialised tool KWFinder aids in precisely that. To assist you in determining keyword difficulty or how challenging it would be to rank (i.e., increase your position on SERP) for a certain keyword or search phrase on Google, it gathers measurements from several sources and offers a proprietary index value.

You can quickly access and see stats like monthly search traffic, search trends, and keyword difficulty thanks to KWFinder’s user-friendly interface. Additionally, you can discover which phrases your competitors are ranking for and identify longtail keywords specific to more than 50,000 places. You can upload hundreds of keywords in bulk for the tool to analyse (and this counts as one request). Because KWFinder includes Mangools’ full suite of SEO tools, including its SERP analysis tool, rank tracking tool, backlink audit tool, and domain authority checker, it is a cost-competitive alternative.

As opposed to many other SEO tools on the market, KWFinder primarily serves as an aggregator of data (such as SERP analysis, keyword difficulty, etc.) gathered from various sources including Moz, Majestic, and Alexa.
Therefore, a large portion of the value you receive using Mangools comes from how it shows and organises the data rather than from the information it independently collects. Furthermore, Mangools only provides a 48-hour money-back guarantee, which may not be sufficient time to decide whether it is the correct fit or not.

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Price:$99 per month (with two months free if you pay yearly); starting priceSupport via live chat and emailTrial Offer: No

Why we choose it: Ahrefs is as close as you can get to an industry standard in terms of SEO tools. It offers useful information about the pages of your rivals and how to raise your ranks.

In order to gather and evaluate vast volumes of data that you can turn into reports that are useful, Ahrefs crawls the internet. Its Site Explorer tool offers in-depth perceptions into the backlinks, content, and other aspects of websites. Google’s algorithm heavily relies on backlinks, or links that guide viewers from one website to another, to determine where a website will appear in search results.

The organic traffic (website traffic that comes from search engines) and backlinks of rival websites can be tracked over time using all of this SEO-related data. You may also see your website’s broken links, the top five articles on any given website based on backlinks and shares, the keywords that individual pages rank for, and the keywords that a website uses for its advertising campaigns.

Although Ahrefs is quite user-friendly, there is a high learning curve because of the volume of data it offers. Positive user reviews of the business can be found on numerous websites, and live chat and email are the two ways to contact its responsive, friendly customer care team.

A credit system is now included in the company’s new pricing model, which is an addition to the current plan structure. This approach allocates a predetermined number of monthly credits to each plan, which can be used to carry out tasks like opening a report, using a filter, or requesting more data.

If your credit limit is exceeded, Ahrefs will automatically charge you more for each extra credit. Although you can choose not to have automatic deductions made by modifying your account settings, user feedback indicates that this pricing strategy has generated much controversy.

Moz Pro:

Price: $99/month (or $79/month if invoiced annually)Email for supportFree Trial: 30 day trial

Why we choose it: Moz Pro is a great option for midsize organisations who need the flexibility to expand their access to these products as their SEO departments grow because of its extensive array of SEO tools and the limitless user seats that can be added to one account.

From page optimisation to site crawling, website rankings, link tracking, and website analysis, Moz Pro’s extensive suite of SEO tools has it all. There are four different options available, with prices ranging from $99 per month for a single user seat to $599 per month for five.

Additionally, each account can have an additional user seat added for a monthly price of $49 per user seat. You can extend your SEO staff as necessary because there is no cap on the number of user seats you can add.

Moz Pro’s selection of visual data representations is an additional useful tool. These infographics make it easy for you to select the best keywords for your business fast based on factors like difficulty, search volume, and potential. After discovering the keywords you want to target, you may add them to a list and monitor your position over time for each keyword.
To get a better picture of who is ranking for what, you may even enter the domains and pages of your rivals.

Broken links, duplicate content, missing website parts, and other issues can be found with the Moz Site Crawler tool. Moz offers advice on how to correct each error and indicates whether it is a high- or low-priority problem. When you have rectified the issue(s), click “Recrawl My Site” to have Moz analyse the page once again and verify that you have done it correctly.

Moz provides a significant collection of informative articles and blog entries on SEO-related subjects. Its SEO handbook is a useful resource for those who are new to the subject. The Moz Pro platform gets favourable user reviews across a variety of review sources and provides email assistance.

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Price:$129.95/month (or $108.33/month if invoiced annually)Telephone, online chat, and email supportSeven-day free trial

Why we choose it: If you’re searching for link-tracking features as well as a variety of tools to aid in link building, content planning, site audits, rank monitoring, competitor analysis, and other tasks, Semrush is the best option.

Over 21 billion keywords are included in Semrush’s database, which is updated nearly every day. This database offers in-depth statistics on keyword performance as well as suggestions for keywords you could employ to improve your search ranks.

This is accomplished by displaying queries that users have with regard to that term, as well as variations and phrases with semantically similar meanings. Then, you can either use these supplemental keywords and phrases to produce new content or include them into your already existing material.

You can use dozens of filters in Semrush’s backlink checker to locate particular kinds of backlinks. To uncover fresh prospects for collaboration, link building, and content promotion, you can extract a list of websites with comparable backlink profiles.

The Authority Score is a proprietary domain ranking system used by Semrush. This rating assesses the general excellence of a website or web page as well as its SEO effectiveness. It is based on numerous spam ratings, organic traffic levels, and the quantity and quality of backlinks (including the age, relevancy, and trustworthiness of connections). By examining a page or site’s Authority Score, you may see how it stacks up against its rivals and whether it would be simple or challenging for it to appear in the SERP for a particular term.

Semrush is renowned for its speedy, dependable service and has received great ratings on numerous review websites.
While its extensive capabilities make it a fantastic choice for seasoned users, its user interface and broad range of features might be confusing for new users. Nevertheless, Semrush offers a variety of practical guides and resources to assist users in making the most of its product.


Price:$39/month (or $16/month if invoiced annually)Phone, email, and live chat for assistanceTrial Offer: No

Why we choose it: SpyFu is a good entry-level alternative for anyone wishing to start conducting SEO on a tight budget because it offers bargain pricing and is really simple to use.

SpyFu is an SEO tool that offers rich keyword and backlink data, allowing you to “spy” on your rivals. Four different keyword lists are included in its keyword research tool: question-based keywords to assist you determine user intent; related keywords; keywords that rank for your rivals; and keywords for which websites are placing advertisements.

You may use SpyFu to filter keywords by search volume, difficulty, clicks, percentage of mobile versus desktop searches, advertisements, and more. It also allows you to perform keyword gap research. A good filter to employ is “transactional keywords.” Due to the presence of phrases like “discount,” “promo code,” and others, SpyFu highlights these keywords as having a strong buyer intent.

The backlink analysis tool from SpyFu is useful for studying competitors. You may, for instance, enter the URL of a rival and filter backlinks based on the following criteria: blog, affiliate links, news,.gov/.edu, and forums. SpyFu uses measures including backlink domain strength, monthly organic clicks on the connecting page, and more to determine the worth of backlinks.

SpyFu’s Backlink Outreach tool is a final backlink function worth mentioning. SpyFu provides you with the contact details for each website after you have added the domains you want backlinks from to your project. This could save you a tonne of time if you intend to devote a lot of time to building backlinks.

SpyFu is simple to use and straightforward. Through email, live chat, and phone, it offers tutorials and beneficial client support. SpyFu doesn’t have a technical SEO crawler, which is a drawback. This programme searches for problems with servers and websites that could compromise your SEO efforts. You’ll need to find a different source if you need this kind of technical information.


Price: $49.99/monthly (or $41.67/monthly if invoiced annually)Support: EmailNo Trial Available

Why we choose it: Majestic is a fantastic option for individuals wishing to carry out in-depth SEO audits and backlink analysis because it has one of the most comprehensive backlink databases in the industry as well as a trustworthy and strong page crawler.

The Majestic Site Explorer tool can compile a thorough list of a website’s backlinks and offer several metrics to judge their importance. The backlinks overview also displays the most important links, the subject areas they belong to, the anchor text—the phrase used to link to your website—as well as other statistics.

If you require a programme to crawl your website and report on issues, Majestic is also a good option to take into account. The Site Audit tool will crawl your whole domain and monitor issues with duplicate content, broken links, page performance, and more, all of which are displayed in an easy-to-use dashboard. By prioritising the most important issues first, you may prevent your SEO efforts from being squandered on low-impact results.

With so many URLs crawled, Majestic is hard to beat if you’re looking for SEO-related information about other websites. Users may find out a tonne of information about rivals and potential link partners thanks to the platform’s historical index, which contains over 17 trillion distinct URLs.

You can schedule one-on-one training sessions with product support representatives at Majestic and contact customer service by email. If you’re new to Majestic, these one-on-one product demonstrations can be very helpful because, according to several user evaluations, the platform’s convoluted menu structure and clumsy user interface can be challenging to understand.

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Starting Price: $89.99 per month (if invoiced annually, receive 4 months free)Support via live chat and email14-day risk-free trial

Why we choose it: An easy-to-use tool called WooRank can “grade” your website for SEO purposes and provide you with a checklist of the things that need to be optimised. With simple explanations and pointers on how to improve SEO-related difficulties, its web crawler stands out for being incredibly user-friendly.

You can evaluate your whole site and identify areas that want work using WooRank’s dashboard overview. Additionally, it has tools for competitor and technical analysis that track your website’s keyword performance in comparison to that of your rivals, examine technical SEO difficulties, and show you the keywords your rivals are using.

WooRank shares many of the same capabilities as other SEO tools, but its site crawler is user-friendly for beginners and may produce a list of possible SEO improvements including meta tag optimisation, usability concerns, and mobile compatibility.

A 14-day free trial with full access to WooRank’s feature set is available. For the free trial, you must add a credit card or PayPal account, but you won’t be charged until the 14-day period has passed.

Pro ($79.99), Premium ($199.99), and Enterprise (customised pricing) are the three price tiers offered by the business. Most of the capabilities in the Pro and Premium subscriptions are the same, however the Premium plan has a high cap on the amount of domains, keywords, and web pages scanned.

Even greater limitations, API access, phone help, and bulk report generating are features of the Enterprise plan.

WooRank lacks features for researching competitors. Some reviewers also suggested that the keyword information should be more precise and comprehensive. Despite this, WooRank has received positive ratings from people all across the internet, especially in regards to its customer service.

Best SEO Tools FAQ:

Why is SEO tracking crucial?

Tracking SEO effectiveness is essential if getting organic traffic to your website is critical to your company. In order to improve and stay ahead of the competition, this entails maintaining track of your site’s rankings and comparing it to others. You may learn a lot about your website’s visibility, keyword rankings, backlinks, traffic, technical performance, and more with the use of SEO tools. By optimising these elements, you can have a big impact on how well your site does in search engine results pages and whether it attracts a lot of traffic or gets lost in the crowd.

What should you monitor for SEO the most?

Organic traffic, keyword ranks, organic conversions, and how well-optimized your site is among a few crucial SEO indicators. It also helps to keep tabs on the same data for your rivals so you can figure out how to outrank them in the SERPs. Depending on what you want your SEO efforts to achieve, you should concentrate on a particular set of KPIs.

How can you boost your SEO?

A variety of tactics, including as content and metadata optimisation, technological performance enhancement, link building, and keyword research are needed to improve SEO. You may accomplish all of these tasks with the aid of SEO tools, which also offer insightful data on the performance of rival websites and your own website’s evolution over time. You can use these tools to improve your understanding of the market in your area and to continuously improve your SEO strategy.

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