Cops Arrested ‘Hot Drug Trafficker’ but she’s Captains ‘Girlfriend’

In a surprising turn of events, the Metropolitan Police in Barranquilla, Colombia, executed a massive raid that led to the arrest of Michellys Lorena Marino Restrepo, a glamorous drug trafficker. However, the plot thickens as the authorities later realized a shocking twist — she is the girlfriend of the local police captain, Leandro Aldemar Urena Polo. This unexpected connection adds intrigue to an already dramatic arrest.

The Raid and Discovery:

Michellys Lorena Marino Restrepo found herself in handcuffs following a raid in Barranquilla’s San José neighbourhood. The operation, orchestrated by the National Police and assigned to the Sabanalarga Police Station, resulted in the seizure of approximately 2kg of cocaine, a revolver with six cartridges, a vehicle, and three mobile phones, as reported by the Daily Star.

Legal Ramifications:

Facing serious charges related to the manufacturing, trafficking, and possession of drugs and firearms, Marino Restrepo’s arrest has stirred significant attention. The legal consequences of her alleged involvement in such illicit activities could have far-reaching implications.

Unveiling the Connection:

During the course of the investigation, authorities uncovered a surprising twist — Marino Restrepo is romantically involved with the Sabanalarga Police Station’s captain, Leandro Aldemar Urena Polo. Despite Marino Restrepo’s arrest, there is no indication, at this point, that Urena Polo had any direct involvement in her alleged crimes.

Cops Arrested 'Hot Drug Trafficker' but she's Captains 'Girlfriend'
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Ongoing Investigations:

The revelation of this unexpected connection has sparked questions and raised eyebrows. Local news outlet Alertas Mundial reported that Urena Polo remained at the police station during the raid, fueling speculation. Investigations are underway to delve deeper into the relationship between the police captain and the arrested drug trafficker.

National Police Purge:

This incident occurs amidst General William Salamanca’s efforts to purge corrupt officers from Colombia’s National Police. The head of the police force has been vocal about the commitment to creating a trustworthy and community-focused institution. The ongoing anti-corruption campaign has seen a significant increase in arrests, reflecting the dedication to maintaining the integrity of the police force.

Global Notoriety and Unrelated Events:

General Salamanca gained international recognition for his role in the high-profile rescue of Luis Diaz’s father earlier this year. The commitment to eradicating corruption within the police force remains a top priority, with a notable increase in arrests. Meanwhile, unrelated incidents, such as the tragic kidnapping and killing of comedian and activist Tou Ger Xiong, showcase the diverse challenges faced by law enforcement in Colombia.


The arrest of Michellys Lorena Marino Restrepo has unfolded as a gripping narrative, blending elements of crime, corruption, and unexpected connections. As investigations progress, the true extent of this captivating story is yet to be revealed. The complexities of law enforcement, intertwined relationships, and the pursuit of justice continue to shape the evolving landscape of Colombia’s legal and social spheres.

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