Gaza’s Darkest Hour: Unprecedented Tragedy Strikes – Click to Discover the Unfolding Crisis

Following the extraordinary onslaught by Hamas into Israel, the Gaza Strip has experienced its worst day in 15 years, with Israeli air strikes killing almost 300 Palestinians in 24 hours, according to Palestinian sources.

According to family relatives, the dead include three-month-old twins who were slain along with their mother, three sisters, and three other women in an air strike on Khan Younis on Saturday in the southern Gaza Strip.

In that strike, which resulted in the destruction of four homes, at least 10 persons died. On Sunday, rescuers were still searching for survivors among the debris.

The onslaught by Hamas fighters, which left at least 700 Israelis dead and scores kidnapped, was referred to as “the worst massacre of innocent civilians in Israel’s history” by the country’s chief military spokesman, and a violent retaliation followed.

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Nearly 300 Palestinians were killed on Saturday, the most Palestinians killed by Israeli attacks in Gaza in a single day since 2008. According to the Gaza Health Ministry, 370 Palestinians have been killed and 2,200 injured so far.

Benjamin Netanyahu, the prime minister of Israel, threatened to extract “mighty vengeance for this wicked day.”

After being extricated from the ruins of the Khan Younis house attacks, Sabreen Abu Daqqa was sent to a hospital in Gaza where she learned that three of her children had been murdered, two had been injured, and the fate of a sixth was unknown.

Everything gave way and fell on top of us. My kids were all around me, she remarked, her voice trembling from the hospital. From behind the debris, she yelled for her kids, but she got no response. They started slowly removing the debris off me. They spent three hours on it.

Israeli airstrikes on Gaza started soon after the Hamas attack and persisted through the night and into Sunday, hitting the organization’s offices and training grounds in addition to homes and other structures.

families of three other homes destroyed in the airstrikes, including Abu Daqqa, claimed they had been given no advance notice from Israel, in contrast to earlier bombardments when Israeli security forces had called families to advise them to flee the area.

The Israeli military failed to comment despite frequently charging Hamas with operating on purpose inside homes and other civilian structures.


According to the Israeli army, its fighter jets have so far obliterated 800 terrorist targets in the Gaza Strip. The chief of the Hamas government’s communications office, Salama Marouf, dismissed this and said it was a “cover to justify the occupation’s aggression against civilian people and property.”

Twelve members of the Abu Qouta family were killed in an Israeli air strike in Rafah, a city close to the Egyptian border, according to relatives. They claimed that seven additional family members might be buried beneath the debris.

The Gaza Strip, which is home to almost 2 million people, has been governed by Hamas since it took over the region in 2007. Israel has long enforced a siege on it with Egypt’s assistance, which has crippled its economy.

On Saturday, thousands of Palestinians who lived close to the Israeli border fled their houses as airstrikes started.

At least 20,000 Palestinians are seeking refuge at 44 of the schools run by UNRWA, the U.N. agency that offers vital services to Palestinians, in the Gaza Strip.

Two boys, both students at UN-run schools in Khan Younis and Beit Hanoun, were confirmed to be among those slain, according to a statement from UNRWA. Israeli attacks caused “collateral damages” to three UNRWA schools, it continued.

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