Johnny Depp News Today 2023: Reports suggest Johnny Depp’s difficult behavior on set of his comeback film Jeanne du Barry

According to reports, Johnny Depp work in his first feature film since winning his defamation lawsuit against ex-wife Amber Heard is marked by screaming matches, tardiness, and other unprofessional behaviour. Without a doubt, Johnny Depp‘s devoted online followers are thrilled to see him in a film once more, even in the French historical biography “Jeanne du Barry,” which will launch the Cannes Film Festival on May 16.

It is unknown whether other audiences will be as enthusiastic to see the “Pirates of the Caribbean” star in his first feature picture in three years after allegedly rising from the muck surrounding his scandalous and protracted legal fights with ex-wife Amber Heard.

Johnny Depp News Today:

Sadly for the “not-so-canceled” Johnny Depp, his comeback story has been dogged by unfavourable reports about his on-set behaviour since winning the defamation case against Heard last year, according to Jezebel. The reports mention Johnny Depp’s tardiness, which is well-known to be a problem for him, as well as disagreements and “screaming matches” with his French female co-star and director, Mawenn Le Besco, also known by the stage name Mawen, according to the Daily Beast.

After his extensive public trial” last year, one might assume that Johnny Depp would be acting appropriately, Daily Beast senior entertainment reporter Laura Bradley wrote in December.

During the film’s production, however, the actor is reportedly back to his previously acknowledged professional transgressions. The movie follows the titular du Barry as she becomes King Louis XV’s mistress. Du Barry is played by Mawenn opposite Depp’s Louis XV. What Are The Car Accident Attorney Austin Tx (2023) USA

The Daily Beast, Jezebel, and other publications have reported on Depp’s early behaviour since the autumn. According to Jordan Ruimy, editor in chief of, Mawenn did not refute these rumours in a recent interview with French Premiere, much to the surprise of many.

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Mawenn explained that some of their conflicts arose from the cultural differences between American and French film sets when she mentioned the actor as being “a star, a king, and an American” in the interview.

However, Mawenn has recently shown that she, too, struggles with volatility. According to the Hollywood Reporter, a French journalist reported that the director assaulted him in February while they were both dining at a posh restaurant in Paris’ seventh arrondissement. What Are The Best Investment Apps For Beginners Of May 2023

The journalist filed a police report about the incident earlier this month. The journalist claims she grabbed him by the hair and spat in his face. This may have happened because her ex-husband, French director Luc Besson, was accused of sexual assault by his publication, Mediapart.

Regarding Mawenn’s issues with Johnny Depp, Ruimy stated that she reportedly had to deal with the fact that his French wasn’t “stellar.” She made the decision to place more reliance on his facial expressions than on his speech to “convey emotions,” Mawenn said.

Given that he spent a significant amount of time dating French actor and model Vanessa Paradis, it turns out that Johnny Depp is fluent in French. However, Ruimy noted that he still has a noticeable French accent and that his “comeback” role only allowed him to appear on screen for a total of 15 minutes.

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According to the Daily Beast, Mawenn’s account of her complex working relationship with Johnny Depp sounds much nicer than the one given by French actor Bernard Montiel on French TV in October.

In January 2022, a few months before the start of his widely publicised public defamation trial against Heard in Virginia, Depp’s part in the film was revealed. He filed a lawsuit against her after she claimed in an opinion piece for the Washington Post that he had assaulted her. According to Jezebel, Johnny Depp was almost about to have his film scrapped in early 2022 after losing his libel action in the U.K. against the editor of the tabloid The Sun over a headline referring to him as “a wife-beater.” What are the Best Truck Accident Lawyers In Chicago (2023)

It should be noted that after Johnny Depp prevailed in his defamation case against Heard, filming for “Jeanne du Barry” started in July 2022.

Perhaps the actor didn’t feel the need to behave himself, as Bradley suggested. His supporters declared that the actor had been vindicated by the court decision and expressed optimism that he could resume his glittering career as a Hollywood megastar.

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Critics of Johnny Depp, however, are less confident that the actor’s comeback will be as successful given that the actor was self-indulgent, prone to out-of-control behaviour, and addicted to drugs as evidenced by the trial. The “Jeanne du Barry” reports, according to Jezebel writer Kylie Cheung, also support the notion that Depp’s career was already in trouble before Heard first accused him of domestic violence in 2016. Mesothelioma Lawsuit Guide (2023) USA

Hollywood insiders latest johnny depp news, have long criticised Depp’s lack of professionalism, especially his track record for showing up late and treating crew members with disdain, according to Cheung. She mentioned that the former “Pirates of the Caribbean” star was sued in 2018 for punching a crew member while intoxicated on the set of “City of Lies,” a case Johnny Depp only settled in 2017.

The actor’s “typical (expletive) and fairly predictable inability to respect his female director” marred the film “Jeanne du Barry,” which was supposed to be his big comeback after winning his defamation lawsuit against Heard, Cheung wrote.


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