Julia Fox’s Astonishing Confession: Kanye West’s Relationship Demands Had Everyone Wondering

Julia Fox, a mother of a 2-year-old, alleges that dating Kanye West was like giving birth to a second child. The 33-year-old actress admitted to Drew Barrymore on Tuesday, October 17, that she soon realised their relationship would not endure. The rapper, 46, is a subject of candour in the actress’s new biography, Down the Drain. (Fox and West, who dated for one month before breaking up on Valentine’s Day 2022 after meeting on New Year’s Eve 2022 in Miami.)

I could only do it for so long, the Uncut Gems star admitted, because I believe he finally required a full-time employee, and I was unable to fulfil that role. I bought a set of AirPods so I could keep the phone in while I was doing motherly things since I had my kid [Valentino] and he would want to chat on the phone a lot, like, I’d have to change diapers. Simply put, it was insurmountably difficult and unsupportable.

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Although Valentino was her top priority, Fox, who refers to West as “The Artist” in her novel, remembered how needy the Grammy winner was during their romance. (Fox and her ex-husband Peter Artemiev, from whom she separated in 2020, have a son together.)

I can’t put anyone else above myself in the end, Fox said to Barrymore, 48, on Tuesday. I have to put my son first. It simply got to be too much. I never intended to have two children. I was unable to complete it. Like two babies were there.

Fox recalls being under the impression that her relationship with the rapper of “Hurricane” wouldn’t be made public.

West, who has four children with Kim Kardashian, was going through a public divorce at the time of their brief relationship. The Chicago MC enjoyed seeing her name in the headline, Fox recalled.

According to an exclusive insider who spoke to Us Weekly earlier this month, Kanye and Bianca were “religiously motivated” in their decision to be married when they conducted their private ceremony in Beverly Hills last year.

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