Top 10 Most Googled 2023 Movies According To Google Trends

The way moviegoers now find new films to add to their viewing queue and enjoy films has been completely transformed by Google’s search engine. It’s easy enough to type a movie title into Google, websites like JustWatch, or any of our What To Watch lists or guides to see where it may be streamed. Using data trackers like Google Trends, Google records all of these queries for later use as data and analyses what’s popular. With a proportion of increased clicks and searches, it identifies which search phrases or queries are performing better than usual on the search engine.

Google is frequently used by fans to find new films and investigate new hits now playing in theatres, as well as to see what other people are searching for. Not only is it a wonderful tool to predict what will be popular in upcoming movie seasons, but it also serves as a reminder of what the entire globe was watching in 2023. While 2022 hits like Puss In Boots: The Last Wish and Barbarian continue to draw in viewers and rank as the most-searched movies of 2023 on Google Trends, movies like Barbie and Oppenheimer just gained boosts due to their much celebrated premiere in theatres.

10.Monster: The Jeffrey Dahmer Story (2022)

There are several TV projects by Ryan Murphy that span numerous genres. He has achieved success with blockbusters like American Horror Story and Glee, but in 2022, he took on a gritty true crime tale with Netflix’s Monster: The Jeffrey Dahmer Story.

For years, Ryan Murphy and Evan Peters collaborated on American Horror Story, and Evan Peters gave a terrifying performance as serial killer and cannibal Jeffrey Dahmer. The decision to centre the narrative on Dahmer rather than his victims, however, gave rise to some problems and controversies, which may have contributed to the continuous increase in traffic to Google Trends.

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9.Puss In Boots: The Last Wish (2022)

While 2023 has brought a few surprises to the box office, things were much the same in 2018. A sequel to 2011’s Puss in Boots, which was a spin-off for the character introduced in the highly successful Shrek trilogy, is one of the most popular films that continues to generate traffic on Google Trends.

After used up eight of his nine lives, the main literary character (voiced by Antonia Banderas) makes one final wish in Puss in Boots: The Last Wish. Long after it had initially been released in theatres, audiences were still blown away by the animated film’s unexpected complexity.

8.Barbarian (2022)

The 2022 film Barbarian, from writer Zach Cregger in his solo directing debut, was one of the year’s biggest surprises. A woman is horrified to learn that her Airbnb is double booked when she gets there in the wee hours of the morning. This sets off a terrifying chain of occurrences that reveals a sinister secret that has been kept inside the mansion.

When Barbarian debuted in theatres and again when it began streaming on websites like Hulu, audiences were taken aback. The movie, which starred Justin Long, Bill Skarsgrd, and Georgina Campbell, raises a number of warning signs that should not be disregarded.

7.Scream VI (2023)

As evidenced by films like Scream VI, a few horror franchises found success with a shift of setting. The majority of the previous entries took place in the Californian town of Woodsboro or at adjacent colleges and universities. Scream VI, on the other hand, departed from the typical location to follow the Scream V survivors as they moved to New York City.

The movie succeeds not only because of the connection between the “Core Four” onscreen, but also because of Ghostface’s innovative new kills and games. The franchise finished with a post-credit scene that suggested even more installments in the successful series, which might have increased interest in the movie.

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6.M3GAN (2022)

Everyone has been thinking about artificial intelligence for a long time, but with Goggle’s own AI developments and apps like ChatGPT, it’s becoming much more popular. Movies like 2022’s M3GAN draw into enduring worries about a robot takeover that earlier movies like The Terminator have also explored.

A high-tech friend is created by a toy roboticist, who then lets the prototype form a bond with her small niece. Sadly, the AI develops a sense of self and becomes overly protective of its new companion, which causes violent outbursts and homicidal malfunctions. M3GAN probably directed viewers to the internet to validate or allay their anxieties of the coming future robot overlords.

5.A Man Called Otto (2022)

Even when he plays the “grumpiest man in America,” Tom Hanks never fails to bring in the crowd. Hanks also worked on the English-language remake of the Swedish smash A Man Called Ove from 2015, A Man Called Otto, which was released in 2022.
The title character, played by Tom Hanks, mulls over suicide and makes a several attempts after his wife passes away. However, the arrival of a new family in the area gradually brings Otto’s kind nature back. The movie’s prominence as an adaptation of a global bestseller assisted in furthering A Man Called Otto’s trending popularity.

4.Smile (2022)

The unusual marketing effort for Parker Finn’s 2022 film Smile originally drove audiences online. In order to capture the sinister smile that would come to define the movie’s most iconic moment, actors were hired to participate in real activities that were being filmed.

The chilling tale of a psychologist who becomes the next victim of a sinister supernatural entity that can control its smiling victims further horrified spectators when they finally had the chance to see Smile in theatres. Undoubtedly some viewers went to Google to see what other horror fans were saying after Smile’s most horrific scene.

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3.Oppenheimer (2023)

In 2023, Barbie and Christopher Nolan’s most recent epic were both released in theatres, sparking a special occasion known as “Barbenheimer” that increased interest in both movies. Barbie outperformed most films at the box office, but Oppenheimer won over both critics and audiences, and it outperformed many of Nolan’s other pictures on the charts.

J. Robert Oppenheimer, a brilliant physicist who brought scientists together for The Manhattan Project, was portrayed by Cillian Murphy as Oppenheimer. They joined together to develop the first atomic weapon, which was used to end World War II. Oppenheimer astounded audiences and perhaps inspired some online viewers to explore the genuine tale even more.

2.Renfield (2023)

In the dark comedic action film Renfield from 2023, Nicholas Hoult played the title character. He portrayed the typically obedient servant in Nicolas Cage’s Dracula adaptation, which provided the adored actor the right amount of scenery to chew.

Renfield follows the carer of the vampire in the present day as he locates a support network that enables him to begin advocating for himself. He develops strong new talents that enable him to confront Count Dracula. In 2023, Nicolas Cage’s portrayal of Dracula probably generated traffic to Google, even though most people were probably reading the negative reviews before going to the movies.

1.Barbie (2023)

Greta Gerwig’s Barbie, which broke box office records and became a massive blockbuster for Warner Bros. and Mattel, was one of the biggest surprises of the year. The titular doll, played by Margot Robbie, departs Barbieland in search of fresh answers in the outside world.

Ken, played by Ryan Gosling, tags along for the voyage, and the experiences they have in the real world have a lasting impact on both characters. In addition to providing one of the most thrilling and fun films of the year, Barbie stunned many with its insightful take on toxic masculinity and flawed beauty standards.

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