Sleeping With A Lot of Women Gives a Man Sense of Superiority

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Success never comes with an easy path. It constantly presents challenges, letdowns, is hard, and frequently causes you to crumble internally.

“Sleeping With A Lot of Women Gives a Man Sense of Superiority.”-Johnny Depp

In other words, it is jam-packed with possibilities and challenges that will help you get better and stronger. Never give up before accepting the challenges life presents you with because only you will be able to see how much more you have improved after overcoming those problems.

You have to wait 20 seconds.



Therefore, resist the urge to fear life’s difficulties and obstacles. Fight until you achieve your goals.

You must be aware that achieving your goals requires effort; success never comes easily.

Only when you have experienced the worst will you be able to properly appreciate the accomplishment.

The moment you feel defeated and frustrated by your failure and consider giving up is exactly the moment you should put forth your greatest effort because that is when a miracle occurs.

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  1. Iā€™d so love having a man who was faithful to me and I was enough for him.
    I hate nothing but a heartache.


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