When A Woman Sees Faith in Her Partner, She Totally Devotes Her Life for Happy Relationship

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Faith gives you the ability to see the light in your heart when your eyes can only see the darkness. Faith is the metaphorical expression that your sight actually doesn’t matter when you have a good heart to see the good things around you.

“When A Woman Sees Faith in Her Partner, She Totally Devotes Her Life for Happy Relationship.”

When you feel light in your heart, that is faith. You still need to be able to see brightness with your heart even if your eyes can only see darkness, and you can only do so if you believe in yourself.

You have to wait 20 seconds.


Be mindful that your faith has the capacity to either build or kill you.

Be aware that faith has a powerful ability to either build or destroy you.

We mistakenly believe that religion is unimportant, but in reality, it is the only thing that will count in this world.

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Faith is the brilliance and glitter that you possess.

You might not be able to see the good things that are coming your way, but having faith allows you to hold onto hope, which gives you the conviction that better days are still to come.

You can see beyond what you can physically see by having faith.

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The only difference between what you see with your eyes and what you feel in your heart is that the former gives you the drive to keep working hard while the latter just illuminates what is held in front of you.

One who has faith is said to be able to move mountains, which implies that when you have trust in yourself and God Almighty, no matter how difficult the circumstance, you will be able to prevail.

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3 thoughts on “When A Woman Sees Faith in Her Partner, She Totally Devotes Her Life for Happy Relationship”

  1. You have said everything right in my eyes as my heart and soul are complete with love & faith. Thank you for such a powerful reminder in the importance to keep believing keep l our love and faith in God also ourselves.
    Thank you God for all your blessing you have held on for me, thank you for believing in me to finally understand and choose the right path this time. Thank you for having faith in me that I will make the right decision this time. I thank you for the blessing you have place in front of me 7 months ago.. it was a tough one to place my hand out to him as I did you knew he would take hold of my hand and I promise you God I wish cherish every moment I have with him I will not dishonor you gift I with Love him, protect him, stand with him in all struggles we may face. I say this in the name of the father and the son and holy spirit. Amen
    Thank you Johnny

    • Wow powerful statement.. I wonder if anything has changed at this point and time from all was trusted, believed in, with continued faith being loved cherished by one ??

  2. Such another powerful profound message. Such wisdom.
    During many troubles and trials we must purposely make the decision to hold fast srmtringcand tight or give up and lose ourself.
    I’ve been through both. I’ve held on by a very thin thread of faith when actually living in the darkness of hopelessness. And then, just in time along came the help the encouragement, the light the sunshine that swallowed up the darkness.
    I’ve truly learned I’m free to be me, indeed…!!!!!


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