Olympian Tara Lipinski’s Gold-Medal Journey to Motherhood: Welcoming Her First Baby Through Surrogacy

The Olympic figure skater battled infertility for years before becoming a mother for the first time. The Olympic figure skater and her husband Todd Kapostasy welcomed their baby girl into the world a few weeks after she made public that she was expecting her first child through surrogacy.

Olympian Tara Lipinski Welcomes First Baby
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The 41-year-old gold medallist told PEOPLE on Wednesday, October 25, that her surrogate had just given birth to their baby daughter, Georgie Winter, whom she and Kapostasy had named.

The skater, delighted with everything a newborn life has to give, told the publication, “I dreamt about this for so long.” “A weeping infant, restless evenings. Even when I tell myself to take an hour’s nap, I can’t help but be excited. ‘She’s there,’ I say. Just give her a bit more attention.

Following Lipinski’s five-year struggle with infertility—which includes multiple difficult miscarriages and an endometriosis diagnosis—the wonderful family news has been announced.

In an open Instagram post from August, Lipinski described her struggle with infertility, saying that she and Kapostasy have “seemingly hit every roadblock imaginable” while trying to conceive.

In addition, she tallied the 24 times she had undergone general anaesthesia in the previous five years due to her endometriosis diagnosis, as well as the 4 miscarriages, 4 D&Cs, 6 unsuccessful IVF transfers, 8 retrievals, and 2 major surgeries.

Following her most recent miscarriage, Lipinski “decided to think of other options,” which is how she found her surrogate, Mikayla, who got pregnant early in the year.

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