Super Bowl 2023 LIVE: Mahomes is “definitely in pain” as Hurts astounds with incredible reaction to terrifying moment

Super Bowl 57 is poised to go down in history thanks to the presence of two Aussies, two elite quarterbacks, and the two best teams of the year.

Can Patrick Mahomes lead the Kansas City Chiefs to a second championship in his third attempt, or will the Philadelphia Eagles be inspired to victory by Jalen Hurts, former NFL prospect Jordan Mailata, and former AFL player Arryn Siposs?

Even though the Eagles lead the Chiefs 24–14 at the half, Kansas City was more alarmed when they saw quarterback Patrick Mahomes in discomfort on the ground in the closing seconds of the second quarter.

Mahomes, who had already entered the game with a high ankle sprain he sustained before the playoffs, hobbled off after being struck while rushing on a third-down play.

In an ESPN commentary, former NFL quarterback Dan Orlovsky said, “You see how that right ankle gets turned.

It catches at the ankle’s 90-degree angle. It was simply the initial cause of his injury.

Steve Levy continued, “Mahomes in definite pain.”

Greg Olsen referred to the five-play, nine-yard drive that it concluded as “nightmare material” for Kansas City.

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Super Bowl
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The “impossible” weapon used by Philadelphia results in another touchdown

Early on, the Eagles’ running back Miles Sanders was held to a one-yard gain by the Chiefs’ physical defense, which later forced Philadelphia into a 3rd-and-5 to continue the drive.

However, Jalen Hurts has improved his passing game this year. He connected with wide receiver Devonta Smith for a 12-yard gain to secure the first down.

Another touchdown is scored by Philadelphia using their “impossible” weapon.

The physical Chiefs defense initially held Eagles running back Miles Sanders to a one-yard gain, which later forced Philadelphia into a 3rd-and-5 to continue the drive.

Jalen Hurts’ passing game has improved this season, though. He made a 12-yard gain by making a connection with wide receiver Devonta Smith to earn the first down.


The Mahomes-Kelce connection is problematic on so many levels-

Super Bowl live,Super Bowl 2023,
Super Bowl
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But guess what? Kansas City also has a not-so-secret weapon that, once more, nobody seems to be able to stop. Travis Kelce is his name.

Tyreek Hill, the Chiefs’ top target for Patrick Mahomes, was traded away in an effort to bring the team back to reality.

Instead, it served to highlight how unique the Mahomes-Kelce connection is, which was evident in spades during Kansas City’s opening scoring drive of the contest.

Taking advantage of an explosive run by Isiah Pacheco a few plays earlier, Mahomes connected with his tight end early on for a 20-yard pass before finding Kelce wide open in the end zone for an 18-yard touchdown.

The extra point was then added by Harrison Butker to tie the score.

With his 16th playoff touchdown catch, Kelce surpassed Rob Gronkowski and now ranks behind Jerry Rice, who has 22, in terms of career touchdown catches.

On the Eagles’ subsequent drive, they were forced to punt the ball away before Mahomes again went to Kelce, finding his top target wide open for a significant 22-yard gain.

Kansas City was now in position for a field goal, but Butker’s attempt from 42 yards out failed.

Even so, it is difficult to stop Kelce from being effective because he has already accumulated 60 receiving yards, which is the most by a player in a quarter since Marshall Faulk in 1999.

However, the Eagles’ defense rose to the occasion in the second quarter, as Kelce saw no targets at all.

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Super Bowl Eagles’ new superstar makes bizarre TD play-

However, in just one play, A.J. Brown nearly surpassed Kelce’s receiving total as Hurts connected with his star wide receiver for an incredible 45-yard touchdown.

Louis Riddick commented, “He’s a freaking beast.

Orlovsky continued, “There’s a reason you trade for him and pay him all that money.” The Eagles gave Brown a four-year, $100 million contract.

Brown finished the regular season third in receiving touchdowns and fourth in receiving yards in the NFL (1,496). (11).

Hurts’ horrifying error prompts the Chiefs to respond.

In the first half, Hurts had been nearly flawless, scoring both on the ground and through the air as the Eagles took a 14-7 lead.

When Nick Bolton returned a Hurts fumble for 36 yards to tie the game in the second quarter, Philadelphia’s much-improved quarterback had a moment to forget.

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Super Bowl Hurts’ best response to a misstep-

Hurts, however, displayed no fear, and rather than running away from the situation, he stood tall to respond in the best way he knew how, scoring the game’s second rushing touchdown.

It happened after Eagles coach Nick Sirianni made a risky decision, believing in Hurts and calling for a quarterback sneak on a 4th-and-5, which Hurts executed to the tune of a 28-yard pick-up.

Steve Levy commented, “He doesn’t lack confidence.

Hurts is close to breaking the Super Bowl record for quarterback rushing yards after gaining 63 yards in just the first half (Steve McNair with 64 in 1999).

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