NFL Teams Unite: Strong Statements of Support for Israel

Following this weekend’s atrocities in the Middle East, a number of NFL teams issued comments endorsing Israel. Following an unexpected raid over the weekend by Hamas fighters from Gaza, fighting has continued in Israel. According to reports, Israel has had more than 700 fatalities. On Sunday afternoon, a number of NFL teams released statements expressing … Read more

Unveiling the Truth: Israeli Airstrikes Shake Gaza, Revealing Unseen Realities

Israel bombed Gaza on Sunday as the increasing death toll threatened to ignite a big new Middle Eastern conflict after suffering its bloodiest assault in decades, in which Hamas fighters rampaged through Israeli communities murdering 600 people and kidnapped hundreds more. More least 370 people, including 20 children, were killed in Israeli airstrikes on apartment … Read more

What we know about Israeli hostages kidnapped by Hamas

According to the Israeli military, a “significant number” of Israeli civilians and soldiers are being held captive in Gaza by the Palestinian militant group Hamas. Some are still alive, while others are assumed dead, according to military spokesman Lt Col Jonathan Conricus. Children, women, the elderly, and the crippled were among those abducted, according to … Read more

Why is the Israel-Gaza issue so difficult for Biden

President Joe Biden and his top aides are coping with the escalation of violence in Israel on Saturday, as well as a delicate diplomatic scenario unlike any prior war between Israelis and Palestinians. Friendships between Biden and his Israeli counterpart, Benjamin Netanyahu, have been tested by Netanyahu’s far-right governing coalition in Israel. The Palestinians’ broken … Read more