If a woman decides to break up, she probably won’t get back together

If your mother hadn’t taken you off her lap the first time you tried to walk, do you remember if you would have even wanted to? It is what it is. Only when we are forced to step outside of our comfort zones do we learn so much in life. “If a woman decides to … Read more

Even if a woman seems really strong, there’s always a bit of gentleness inside her

We all have histories, we all have tales quotes to tell about those histories; and we all have both positive and negative tales to share with the younger generation. “Even if a woman seems really strong, there’s always a bit of gentleness inside her.” However, some of us choose to tell them to get sympathy … Read more

Have Faith In God and Trust The Process That Will Change Your Life For Sure

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Have faith and trust the process that will change your life for sure: Almost everyone has a dream in their head. Many of us, however, never even attempt to pursue it because we believe that our dreams are too big to be true. Many people desire to upset the status quo and live a stable … Read more