Unmasking the Yemeni Threat: U.S. Intercepts Missiles and Drones

Numerous episodes highlighted the increased dangers that the conflict between Israel and Hamas could degenerate into a larger war. Thursday in the northern Red Sea, a U.S. Navy cruiser fired down three cruise missiles and a number of drones that were launched from Yemen, perhaps en route to Israel, according to the Pentagon.

However, they were fired from Yemen and travelled north along the Red Sea, possibly towards targets in Israel, according to Brig. Gen. Patrick Ryder, the Pentagon spokesman, who spoke to reporters. We are unable to determine with certainty what these missiles and drones were targeting.

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According to General Ryder, the missiles and drone assaults against American troops in Iraq and Syria over the past three days were carried out by pro-Iranian Houthi rebels in Yemen. The episodes brought to light the dangers that the confrontation between Israel and the Palestinian organisation Hamas could break out into a larger war.

General Ryder stated that military analysts were attempting to identify the perpetrators of the drone assaults, although militias supported by Iran have previously launched drone and rocket attacks on the 2,500 American troops stationed in Iraq and the 900 troops in Syria.

Since the terrorist strikes by Hamas against Israel on October 7, the Biden administration has dispatched two aircraft carriers and more troops to the eastern Mediterranean close to Israel in an effort to prevent Iran and its regional allies from starting a regional conflict.

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Israel’s response to the attacks by Hamas included airstrikes and a “complete siege” of Gaza, which the organisation governs.

If the militias attacked American soldiers in Iraq or Syria, senior Biden administration officials and American commanders expressed concern that the United States may be drawn into the battle.

Despite what General Ryder conceded to be “an uptick” in drone attacks in Iraq and Syria over the past three days, he tried to stick with that theme on Thursday.
However, representatives of Iran have publicly cautioned that if Israel’s offensive against Gaza persisted, new fronts against it might emerge in the area.

Gholamhossein Gheybparvar, a deputy commander of Iran’s Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps, declared in a speech on Thursday that Israel’s “axis of resistance” of militias in Lebanon, Syria, Iraq, and Yemen were prepared to attack if Israeli ground forces attacked Gaza.

State television in Iran carried a programme on how such assaults would proceed on Wednesday.

Ayatollah Ali Khamenei, the country’s supreme leader, said in the report’s opening statement that if the conflict persisted, “nobody could stop the forces of the resistance,” a system of militia organisations funded by Iran that operated throughout the region.

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The Houthis in Yemen’s south, Syrian and Iraqi militias in the east, and Hezbollah in Lebanon in the north would coordinate their attacks on Israel using missiles and drones to impose “a siege from every side,” according to the study. According to the section, the Houthis are armed with missiles that have a range of more than 1,200 miles.

According to the report, Syrian and Iraqi militia groups have established positions close to the Golan Heights, which Israel conquered from Syria in 1967 and later occupied.

The military threats may be a part of a plan to stoke rising unease in the region. Iran’s official media frequently airs propaganda and hyperbole.

General Ryder stated on Thursday at the Pentagon that, “should one occur,” any armed American response to this week’s attacks “will come at a time and a manner of our choosing.”

U.S. intelligence services decided in March that a self-destructing drone of “Iranian origin” attacked a maintenance facility on a coalition base in northeast Syria, where it killed one American contractor and injured five other contractors and American service men.

In retaliation, President Biden instructed the Pentagon to launch airstrikes against locations in eastern Syria that were used by organisations linked to Iran’s Revolutionary Guards.

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Wednesday morning’s attacks resumed when American and coalition forces at the Al Tanf camp in southern Syria fired on two drones, one of which was destroyed while the other crashed into the facility and caused “minor injuries,” according to General Ryder.

The major duty of the 200 American soldiers stationed in Al Tanf is to train Syrian militias to combat the Islamic State.

On Wednesday around the same time, alarm sirens sounded at the sizable Al Asad Air Base in western Iraq. Although there were no drone or missile assaults, a civilian contractor—whom the military declined to name—suffered a heart attack while taking cover and passed away shortly after, according to General Ryder.

The Pentagon’s Central Command reported on Wednesday that it had intercepted six drones in Iraq over the course of the previous 24 hours that posed a threat to American military and other ally people there.

According to a statement from the command, American forces struck two drones at Al Asad, damaging one and destroying the other while inflicting “minor injuries” on coalition soldiers. Separately, the military claimed to have killed one drone in northern Iraq while causing no fatalities.

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Late on Thursday, there were unsubstantiated allegations of fresh drone attacks in Syria on social media.

Pentagon officials issued a warning that the drone and cruise missile attacks could portend a rise in hostilities that could put American forces in the area at danger and possibly involve them in a conflict.

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