Drake Teases Exciting Collaboration with SZA on 'For All the Dogs' Album"

The Instagram Clue: 

Drake and SZA shared identical cover art on Instagram, leaving fans buzzing with excitement.

The Mysterious Visual: 

The cover art features a woman drenched in green slime and a 'Parental Advisory' sticker, adding to the intrigue.

Speculation Rises:

With no caption to explain, fans are speculating about what this collaboration could entail.

A Third Artist Joins In:

A comment by rapper Yeat on Drake's post hints at a three-way collaboration, adding another layer of excitement.

Drake's Previous Post: 

Drake's earlier Instagram post featured a promotional video for NOCTA GLIDE 2023, raising further questions about his musical plans.

SZA's Past Connection:

Explore the dating history between Drake and SZA, with SZA confirming their brief relationship in 2009.

Timeline Clarification: 

SZA cleared the air about their dating timeline, emphasizing the innocence of their connection.

Anticipation Grows: 

As the release date of 'For All the Dogs' approaches, the anticipation for this collaboration continues to mount.

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