Bianca Censori dazzles in ‘tiny leather bra’ risking a ‘wardrobe malfunction’ but celebrated her birthday in Las Vegas with Kanye West

When BIANCA Censori was in Las Vegas for her birthday celebration, she almost took a chance on an outfit malfunction.

In Sin City, Kanye West‘s spouse was spotted blowing out the candles on her birthday cake. On January 5, Bianca, who turned 29, almost had a wardrobe malfunction while wearing a tiny bra top that revealed very little of her cleavage.

In a video, the pair was seen dining at a classy restaurant when the Yeezy architectural designer bent over to blow out the candles.

She got back up, clapping with a big smile on her face, her little top barely staying in place.

The native of Australia added a totally beaded black headpiece to her birthday ensemble.

The 46-year-old Kanye sat next to his spouse during their joint celebration. On Bianca’s birthday last week, the rapper—who secretly married her in December 2022—posted a few messages praising the designer.

Kim Kardashian, with whom Kanye has four children, is also referred to as the “most amazing step mom to our children” by the former Yeezy staffer.

A close-up photo of Bianca with her hair in a bun was included with the long description.

Soon after, Kanye posted a picture of Bianca grinning in lace leggings with the remark, “I miss you when I wake up before you.”

Ye cleared his Instagram grid of all other content by adding more pictures of Bianca.

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The other pictures showed near-nudes, such as the well-known pillow street photos of Bianca and Ye.

He said in the caption of the pillow photo, “Yall know who ran the summer.”

Even though Bianca received a lot of negative feedback for her birthday outfit from Las Vegas, it wasn’t all love on Instagram.

The designer gave Bianca’s barely-there top the appearance of being covered up in a swimming suit for the beach.

In one video, which TMZ first posted, the couple could be seen strolling around a casino in Las Vegas while Bianca was wearing nothing at all.

Screengrabs of the video were uploaded to a Reddit thread dedicated to the Kardashians with the caption “Bianca and Ye in Vegas… The girl lost her shoes and her mind.


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