Bianca Censori ‘unrecognizable looks’ in leather coat seems ‘wearing nothing’ inside photo

BIANCA Censori has bundled up for a shopping trip in Los Angeles with husband Kanye West.

The garish appearance stood in stark contrast to some of the riskily exposed clothes she has been seen in public lately.

The couple went on their own shopping adventure and visited Maxwell’s boutique.

The 29-year-old former designer for Yeezy looked fierce in a full-size black leather trench coat that encircled her like an enormous Hefty purse.

She wore a furry black cap to keep her head warm and her hands tucked inside her long sleeves.

The 46-year-old Kanye was dressed in his go-to black leather jacket, dark pants, and sweatshirt pulled up over his head.

A cold front caused temperatures in the Los Angeles area to plummet into the 60s.

The dark jacket was a significant change from the almost nothing clothes she has been wearing lately.

Kanye posted three almost naked pictures of Bianca to celebrate the start of the new year.

The Yeezy architect appeared pantless and braless in the first picture, sporting a fuzzy blanket that barely covered her breasts and a black micro thong.

A second, independent post featured the fashion designer and his spouse posing in a hotel toilet.

With the exception of a tiny bikini, she wore to hide her nipples, Bianca’s breasts were virtually fully bare.

In the third and last picture, Bianca was by herself in the hotel room’s bathroom.

She tilted her head back and let her chest to drop forward, narrowly avoiding a serious wardrobe malfunction in the minuscule bikini top.

A few days later, she gambled on a wardrobe malfunction while in Las Vegas for her birthday celebration.

On January 5, Bianca, who turned 29, almost had a wardrobe disaster while wearing a little bra top that revealed very little of her cleavage.

In a video, the pair was seen dining at a classy restaurant when the Yeezy architectural designer bent over to blow out the candles.

She got back up, clapping with a big smile on her face, her little top barely staying in place.

The native of Australia added a totally beaded black headpiece to her birthday ensemble.

As the two of them rejoiced together, Kanye sat next to his wife.

On Bianca’s birthday last week, the rapper—who secretly married her in December 2022—posted a few messages praising the designer.

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