Female Fitness Model Samantha Jerring IFBB Figure Pro

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Samantha Jerring is an IFBB Figure Pro competitor, fitness model, and stage prep instructor. 

She earned her Professional Card in 2015. 

She has also made history by being the first female to win the Women’s Physique division.

Samantha’s life before fitness, on the other hand, looked nothing like it does now. 

She was overweight in her early twenties, avoided exercise, and used alcohol to cope with her poor self-esteem.

Samantha is now regarded as a fitness model and an inspiration to others, but she was formerly insecure and struggled with body image issues.

Samanta Jerring Before Fitness:

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Her bad eating habits took their toll, harming her both physically and emotionally.

She was not fond of any activities before to the age of 21 and, to be honest, was rather sickly at the time. 

She had poor self-esteem and tried to hide it under her outgoing attitude. 

She enjoyed going out with her friends, but there were occasions when she lacked confidence and cancelled plans at the last minute.

Her transformation to a healthy lifestyle, she claims, may sound cliched, but she just woke up one day and thought, “Enough is enough.” 

However, the change was a protracted one.


For her, the most difficult aspect was getting started.  

She was originally terrified by the sight of weights and simply practised aerobics.

She began lifting weights as she felt more comfortable in the gym.

Simultaneously, she began reading up on nutrition and health themes in order to better her understanding of how to eat a nutritious diet.

She also researched other training methods, including those using weights, in order to further her fitness.

Samantha’s physique, as well as her personality, began to change as a result of the procedure. 

She grew more self-assured and extroverted.

Samantha’s gym accomplishments swiftly turned into the start of her fitness profession.

She did her first concert after 5-6 years and won! She enjoyed competing and the devotion and hard regimen that comes with it, and she caught the bug quickly.

She got interested in growing her profession as a fitness model after winning her first show. 

She approached agencies and magazines in the hopes of landing a deal that would help her establish a name in the business. 

Samantha was first turned down by a number of modelling agencies. Samantha was told by several of them that she wasn’t what they were searching for. 

But she didn’t give up. 

She was certain that she would achieve her objectives over time, and she was accurate.

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She came onto a modelling agency and accepted a contract with them after months of futile attempts to become a model.

From there, it was simply uphill from there. 

Samantha’s popularity in the fitness business grew quickly. 

She went on to become the most widely published model in the world.

She went on to win her IFBB Figure Pro Card in 2015, which was another of her key goals.


She has competed as a fitness model, then a figure athlete, before finding success as a Women’s Physique competitor later in her career.

 Since then, she’s competed in the Women’s Physique division.

She has broadened her understanding of numerous training and dieting strategies as a result of the transformation of her body and profession over the years, allowing her to become a master of her physique.

She now uses her coaching credentials and experience as a stage prep trainer to assist others in achieving their goals. 

Whether it’s to enter a competition or simply to have a healthier body.

“From a girl who didn’t like herself and despised any sort of exercise, I now enjoy living a healthy lifestyle because I understand how it can enhance and affect your entire way of life.” I’m ecstatic to be able to assist people all across the world.”

Samantha Jerring Fitness Plan:

Female Fitness Model Samantha Jerring IFBB Figure Pro
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Samantha trains six days a week on average, and seven days if she has the time. 

She trains with her clients 5-6 times a week in addition to her own training sessions. 

She claims she doesn’t find it difficult and that she could train much more.

Taking a day off from training is, in fact, one of her most difficult tasks. 

However, she acknowledges that this might occasionally stymie her development. 

This is why, when she thinks her body needs it, she will take a day off.

Samantha also makes it a point to get at least eight hours of sleep each night.

Samantha eats 5-6 nutritious meals every day, six days a week. 

If she is preparing for an occasion, though, she will tighten up her diet even more. 

If she’s preparing for a competition, she could even eliminate ‘cheat meals’ entirely.

Samantha Jerring Fitness Motivation:

If Samantha Jerring has taught us anything, it’s that if you want to change your life, you must take action. 

Samantha realised one day that she no longer wanted to be unhealthy and overweight. 

Samantha’s tale serves as a warning to not expect to reach your objectives overnight.


The road to success is frequently long and winding. 

Aim for tiny everyday successes and see how your life changes over time.

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