Top 10 Hot Female Martial Artists

More than just fighters in the ring, female martial artists are unquestionably more than just lovely faces. These women are exercising like athletes and developing the abilities and self-control necessary to triumph. Ask Ronda Rousey how frequently vanity is thrown out the window. You cannot enter there out of fear for what might occur. I enter there with my attention on what I must accomplish, she claims. How then do these athletes train? Here are the approaches to combat and wellness used by Cris Cyborg, Valentina Shevchenko, and 18 other fighters.

10. Holly Holm

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Holly Holm eats little on fight days.I regularly eat sweet potatoes. I might eat a sandwich with peanut butter and jelly. I could have some trail mix. I enjoy consuming healthy carbs and lean proteins. Maybe I’ll have some fruit. The sugar doesn’t stay in your system as long if I solely eat fruit, therefore I don’t want to do that. When I eat a decent sweet potato, along with nut butters and honey, I feel terrific. I eat throughout my entire time in the locker room.

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9. Jeeja Yanin

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Jeeja Yanin has a background in dance and continues to train.I got going when I was really young. I studied ballet for nearly eight years before switching to taekwondo. At the age of thirteen, I had earned my second dan black belt. I’m encouraging my son even if he hasn’t completely taken to martial arts as of yet. I work out for about two hours every day, mixing flexibility and martial arts. Dance is another activity I enjoy since it keeps me alert.

8. Carla Esparza

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Carla Esparza always comes prepared and follows a systematic approach to her diet and training. I believe that everyone’s ideal situation is one punch, knockout as you walk out. For myself, I would really appreciate the opportunity to showcase all of the work I’ve been doing. A first-round victory would be fantastic, but simply put your hand up. I’ve been working hard at jiu jitsu and honing my striking, so I’m hoping that I can really showcase that. The objective is to accomplish that.

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7. Gina Carano

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Green beans and chicken couscous are Gina Carano, an MMA star and actress, favourite healthy dish. I frequently make chicken, fish, and wheat pasta when I’m at home. I literally just consumed veggies and white meat while I was training to fight, then once I had finished, I’d go to the polar opposite. These days, I feel much healthier and more balanced. in good health and contentment. The people around you will benefit if you take care of yourself. We take good health for granted.

6. Cynthia Rothrock

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Cynthia Rothrock, a seasoned martial arts celebrity, advises newbies to be willing to put in the effort if they want to excel. When learning a martial art, make an effort to follow tradition and study the actual art. Every fashion has something unique to give. I tried it because I knew several people who practised tang soo do. The martial arts were the first thing I really stuck with when I was younger after trying everything else, including piano, music classes, and other sports. I’m usually anxious. It sort of starts out as nervous energy, but I quickly tune in.

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5. Cris Cyborg

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Cris Cyborg, an MMA champion, says a significant portion of her training involves mental preparation. The work you put in just helps you along the way since, in my opinion, everything happens for a purpose. I know I’ve done everything I can to get ready for the fight before I enter the ring, so I give it my all. That’s okay also if I don’t end up winning. I’ll identify my areas for growth and keep working on them until I’m better at them, strengthening me for the upcoming challenge.

4. Valentina Shevchenko

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MMA and UFC champion Valentina Shevchenko works out for two to three hours each day. “Fighters need to be proficient in everything, including grappling, wrestling, and boxing. Not just okay, but perfectly, is what they must accomplish. Because you have to have faith in what you’re doing and your temple is your ideal, martial arts and religion are somewhat similar in my opinion.

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3. Alexa Grasso

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All women should learn how to fight, according to Alexa Grasso. I observed my MMA belt, my increased sense of accountability, my discipline, the combos I was able to execute, the confidence I felt when I did it, and my want to try it again but much better. This kind of high-impact athletics is what altered my course. And although though it is a relatively new sport, I am aware that all women ought to participate in it. In order to properly respond in dangerous situations, it feels the most like what it would be like to battle for your life.

2. Ronda Rousey

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Ronda Rousey doesn’t keep track of her calorie intake and is meticulous about where she gets her dairy and meat. I typically consume carbohydrates every other day, she claims. Therefore, it will typically be something like rice or potatoes. I essentially just eat until I’m satisfied. My stomach has shrunk from not eating during the day, so I become full quickly. As a result, I never count calories. Red meat that I consume must be “Grass-Finished beef,” not “Grass Fed.” The cow may have been labelled as “Grass Fed” if it had only been fed grass ONCE and then maize for the rest of its life.

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1. Felice Herrig

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Felice Herrig, an American kickboxer, eats well to promote muscular growth and fat removal. I’ve done it all and I’ve always been really healthy, she claims. “I practised raw foodism for approximately a year before being vegetarian for about two to three. Currently, all of my meals are made for me by a company called Fuel-up while I work with the renowned and highly sought-after nutritionist Fakhri Mubarak. I therefore feel that everything is in the right proportion. Because that’s my little secret, I won’t go into detail about my diet.

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